Nursing Personal Statement

Example Nursing Personal Statement

My caring and compassionate nature was established from a young age, as I took responsibility of my younger brother at the age of seven, while our mother went to work. Maturing quickly, I took care of my brother by teaching, listening, taking initiative and providing guidance. Nursing offers me the opportunity to share my skills, academic achievements and desire to support people medically and emotionally. I believe I have a solid grounding to embark on a career in adult nursing, where I can make a significant difference to the community.

Completing the Access to Nursing course, I have gained a deeper knowledge of what nursing involves, from human biology, psychology and sociology to nutrition and information technology. These are important factors in which I can apply to university assessments and in clinical settings. I am an advocate of independent learning, as I believe working in healthcare requires knowledge and understanding of the latest developments in medicine, ethics and the law. Working in groups has allowed me to flourish in teams, where I can learn from, and encourage peers. I understand as a nurse, I will be a part of a wider healthcare team, all working towards a common goal of providing the best possible healthcare.

Following my caring nature, I qualified as an English teacher for primary and secondary school in Poland. Working with young age groups, I developed my communication skills, where being clear, articulate and empathic is essential. Using terms the patient understands is vital when they may be experiencing new and possibly traumatic events. As a teacher, working as part of a team ensured the faculty and teaching programmes run smoothly. Initiative, problem solving and decisiveness are skills in which I have honed and are transferable to this degree, applying to theoretical studies and clinical placements.

I believe nursing requires a certain level of psychology, to better understand the patient, causes and symptoms. Establishing personal histories, development and culture helps us to understand the person’s behaviours and attitudes, assisting healthcare staff in providing quality care and effective treatment.

Alongside empathy and compassion, I am highly motivated to achieve my goal of becoming a successful nurse. My customer facing roles in England, have pushed my English communication skills forward exponentially, where I can confidently converse fluently and with conviction.

In my free time, I enjoy regular exercise. I believe in taking care of one’s personal health through pleasurable activities helps the management of stress, which is critical when working in a physically and emotionally demanding role.

Diligence, organisation and attention to detail alongside my enthusiasm, energy and strength, are skills which I possess to ensure I succeed as a qualified nurse. Adult nursing encapsulates everything I desire from a fulfilling career – the challenge, dynamism and achievement in knowing I have contributed to individual’s lives and the wider community. With the focus being on patient care, support and treatment motivates me in pursuing this path in healthcare.

This example Nursing Personal Statement should be used as a helpful guide to structure and content when writing your own unique personal statement.