Medicine Personal Statement 28

Example Medicine Personal Statement

The words Thank You are the most precious in any language: knowing that one’s actions have impacted positively on another is its own unique reward. Since participating in first aid competition aged 9, my interest in the human body has only grown, and my recent work experience inspired me to link my interest in science with my desire to help others, through a medical career.

During my placement at Ealing Hospital I shadowed a junior doctor and consultant and was impressed by their sincerity in dealing with patients. Doctors give hope when it is most needed, by using their knowledge and skill to perform procedures, but after I comforted a young boy having a glucose test it struck me that a doctor’s role is as much concerned with reassurance and empathy as with cure. This was further reinforced during my work at a pharmacy and a GP surgery, where improving others’ wellbeing are daily challenges. I also spent time at a Walk-In Clinic to understand the different clinical environments and variety of patient complaints. Volunteering at a hospital in India underlined the differences between western and eastern hospitals; we emphasize patient care while Indian hospitals emphasize efficiency and in such an environment, compassion for the patients and a high level of communication is essential.

My voluntary work has enabled me to communicate with different people with confidence. While teaching and organising a school festival of music and poetry at a slum school in India, I saw how I could really make a difference using my own skills. For 8 months I have volunteered at a day centre for Alzheimers sufferers, a rewarding role which also led me to PACE, a charity promoting disabled teenagers in sport. Both placements continually allow me to overcome verbal and physical barriers to motivate vulnerable people. I have been a part of St Johns Ambulance for 2 years which has taught me to work under pressure; I treated and calmed a person with a dislocated shoulder at an event and found this very rewarding. I was chosen by the Alan Sennit Memorial Trust to work with people of different backgrounds to clean up a local park over 2 months. Conflict within the team demanded compromise and team spirit to overcome, and the project was completed successfully.

I have read books such as “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat” to inform my knowledge of human science, such as neurology and the variety in the manifestation of the human mind. I also read the New Scientist and attend lectures weekly at UCL to update my knowledge of medicine and genetics. My interest in molecular biology led me to take an internship at Autogenomics in the US where I gained an insight into genetic analysis and the importance of pharmacology and its links with clinical practice, as I worked alongside members of both fields.

Developing charity events such as summer camps and festivals in my town has allowed me to overcome challenging situations. I skydived to raise £300 for Khalsa Aid and climbed Mount Snowdon in a team, which demanded motivation and cohesion. Within school I hold a variety of responsibilities including school Councillor, lab duty and Chemistry mentor for younger years; public speaking and responsibility have been essential tools, which I also use to argue my views on medical ethics in monthly Science Forums with other schools. A balance of activities is important but I always challenge myself. I am a 2nd Don black belt in Tae Kwon Do and won gold and silver medals in the 2010 national championships, alongside teaching younger students which requires discipline and patience. I also love playing music to relax and am undertaking my Grade 6 Piano.

Throughout my life I have seen my goals as mountains to be climbed, and this cannot be done half-heartedly. My experience of medicine has shown me that the road to becoming a doctor is long and will constantly test my limits, but that with the right skills and attitude anything is possible.

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