Medicine Personal Statement 23

Example Medicine Personal Statement

With my mother and two of my aunts being doctors, it is hardly surprising, perhaps, that my own ambitions lie in this direction. My career plans emerged early in my life and my choice of A-level subjects was not difficult. I am academically able and have every confidence that I can succeed on a medical degree course. I love the science involved in medicine, particularly the chemistry, but I am also inspired by a real desire to use my skills and abilities to help those who are suffering. I am a caring and compassionate individual and my volunteer work has taught me much about how to communicate with people whose lives are very different from my own. I particularly noted the advice of a GP I talked to during a work experience placement when he said that one of the most important requirements of his job was listening carefully to what his patients say. My immediate plan after graduation would be to spend a year in a third world country helping poor and underprivileged children.

I have spent a week observing in a GP’s surgery, where I had the opportunity to shadow each member of the team, not only the doctor but also the practice nurse, the receptionists and administrative team and the HCA. It struck me how much a successful medical practice depends on team effort. The importance of medical ethics was made very clear to me when I had to sign a patient confidentiality form. I have also spent time with junior doctors in a general hospital, where I learnt about some of the challenges confronting the hospital doctor and the stamina needed to meet them. Their clinics and ward rounds were lengthy and did not run by the clock. The junior doctors bore heavy responsibility, but appeared to be courageous, optimistic and very professional, and their motivation seemed to give them the energy needed to succeed. The importance of teamwork was again brought home to me when I saw the interdisciplinary meetings which decided the best treatment plans for patients.

I have undertaken much voluntary work with people of all ages. Through Dulwich Helpline I have been able to provide care and support to elderly people who live in my community, which I have found immensely rewarding. Over the last year I have worked with handicapped children from a range of ethnic groups in a local school, arranging weekly sporting activities. On the Activenture scheme each day I was given responsibility for a handicapped child, providing his or her entertainment, ensuring safety and tending to medical needs. It seemed daunting at first, but I soon found I could cope with the challenge and was eager for more. Dealing with uncooperative children made me realise what resources of patience and invention I have. Last summer I completed Challenge 2010, which allowed me to develop my teamwork and leadership skills, raising money for the Golden Years charity. I am receiving first aid training with St John Ambulance, and am about half way through the course.

Working with disabled children has made me curious about the workings of the brain and its ailments. This has allowed me to take biology, one of my AS subjects, well beyond the limits of the syllabus. My favourite subject, though, is chemistry, which I find to be full of intellectual challenge. I gave a presentation on green chemistry to the school Chemistry Society, for which I received a school commendation and a flamboyant purple chemistry tie! I also love languages, and my Spanish AS course has improved my communication skills and my confidence.

I enjoy sports, playing team football and swimming regularly. I recently qualified for the regional Air Training Corps swimming finals and will be representing London there. I also sail, which has also given me a further opportunity to work with the disabled in the club I belong to. I am hard-working and dependable as a student, very much a team player, and totally committed to my career ambitions. I hope you will consider my application.

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