Medicine Personal Statement 15

Example Medicine Personal Statement

I want to study medicine because I want to help people and make a positive impact on the lives of others,and also because the complexity of how the human body functions fascinates me. I was fortunate enough to be able to experience both of these aspects of the medical profession through a work placement that I undertook at Southampton General Hospital.Whilst shadowing a specialist, a resident and a junior doctor during the placement, I witnessed a variety of surgical procedures, including bypass surgery for atherosclerosis, endovascular aneurysm repairs and amputations. Some of the surgical procedures that I witnessed were a result of the patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy, vascular disease, infection or limb deformities. All of these severe health problems were caused by the inactivity and excessive weight issues of the patients, which had led to diseases such as diabetes.This made me aware of the importance of doctors playing a role in encouraging people to lead healthy lifestyles so that more drastic measures such as surgery can be prevented, which would benefit both the NHS and patients themselves.

During my time at the hospital, I also observed ward rounds and accompanied the specialist in the clinic, who constantly asked me challenging questions, requiring me to work on my feet and apply my knowledge. This gave me a glimpse into the internal thought processes of doctors as they go about their work; it is clear that they are continually required to apply their critical skills throughout the day so as to understand the conditions of their patients as fully as possible.

In Accident and Emergency, I observed the critical patients brought into the resuscitation area, which was both an exhilarating and sobering experience. Patients were brought in from severe accidents or myocardial infractions or strokes. I learned about the procedures and processes of diagnosis and treatment in critical situations and emergencies, and how each team member plays a unique part.Indeed, my abiding memory of this experience was the strong team bond within the department.

Working as a sales assistant in Lloyd’s Pharmacy has allowed me to expand my knowledge of both medicines and care. Each customer has different needs, and therefore requires a different approach and consideration. It has allowed me to communicate with a variety of people, both young and old. I am also studying a Pharmacy Medicines Counter Assistant programme. I feel a sense of fulfilment whenever I am able to help a customer in need. I have learnt that it is important to ask the right questions about their symptoms, in a sensitive manner, and be able to listen carefully to ensure they receive the best care.

I have also had work experience in a disabled school for children with severe and profound learning difficulties. Through daily interaction with the children, I got to know them and understand them better. I learned that patience and compassion are vital tools in developing relations with people, and that by showing these characteristics people are much more willing to trust you.

I am currently completing my silver Duke of Edinburgh award, which I have found rewarding because I relish the opportunities that it has given me for leadership and critical decision-making. I play rugby for my local club, and also enjoy playing cricket. I find that sport is a good way of relieving stress, and I also find it gratifying to work as a team and share a common goal.

My fascination with the physiology and anatomy of the human body has driven my ambition to become a doctor. I am aware that being a doctor requires compassion, understanding and devotion, which I discovered through my work placement in Southampton General Hospital. Whilst doctors there made it clear to me that medicine is a tough career, I am excited by the academic challenges that it will provide, and I look forward to the gratifying reward of helping other people.

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