Medical Personal Statement 14

Example Medical Personal Statement

My ambition to become a doctor was inspired by a number of factors. I love the science involved in medicine, but, equally important, a number of perhaps small experiences have confirmed in my mind that there could be no more fulfilling career for me than medicine – talking to a neighbour who had been a heart and lung surgeon, watching my mother suffering stoically from the agonies of rheumatoid arthritis, and listening to a lecture by the Dalai Lama who stressed the vital importance of human mutual responsibility. Another lecture, by Dr Ian Laing on “Intensive care of premature babies”, challenged students to step up and claim the future of medicine, outlining the problems still to be faced, the discoveries to be made and the benefits for future generations. All of these experiences, together with some quite extensive observation in hospitals and clinics, have given me a realistic and comprehensive idea of what is entailed in a medical career and made it clear to me how tough it can sometimes be, but what rich human satisfaction it can offer. I have witnessed the basic benevolent humanity to be found in medical staff, and I am full of respect for their non-judgmental approach to their patients, the camaraderie and humour that binds them in a team, and the excitement of playing a part in such rewarding and stimulating work.

My work experience has included a placement at Christie Hospital, which I was very fortunate to achieve against considerable competition. I shadowed various consultants and visited departments – gastrointestinal, lung and melanoma, histopathology, endocrine, complementary therapies and critical care. I saw organs being dissected and analysed, witnessed a consultant performing a rectal examination and, most soberingly, observed many consultancies in which patients were told that their cancer was inoperable. The whole experience was an instructive contact with the reality of medicine. The arbitrariness of some incidences of cancer was disturbing and emotionally challenging. It taught me that not everybody gets better, but also filled me with compassion and admiration for those patients who heard the news with such dignity. I also spent a week in the orthopaedic department of Central Manchester University Hospital, shadowing doctors, sharing their excitement at making a correct diagnosis, and learning much about the technology of modern medicine. I have spent time at the Bury Drug and Alcohol Centre, observing the treatment of patients with self-inflicted conditions. It was here that I saw the importance of the absence of prejudice in the clinician. I do voluntary work at a care home, and as part of my D of E Gold Award work and I have also worked at a disabled trust with young adults suffering from conditions ranging from autism to paraplegia, a moving and stimulating experience.

Outside my medical interests I lead a very full life. I am a championship standard swimmer and held many school awards. I am a musician and won a guitar scholarship, as well as teaching myself to play the piano. I enjoy ice-skating, touch rugby, football, water polo and hockey. I love team games and have often risen to the captain’s position. I intend to spend my gap year working with children, tutoring in maths, which will be paid employment, as I am acutely aware of the costs involved in gaining a medical degree and feel that it is imperative for me to pay my way, at least in part. I plan to follow this with a further period of work experience in a hospital.

I am academically able, but have learnt how important it is to apply oneself if success is to be achieved in anything. I am hard-working, observant, reliable and committed, pleased to work in a team, but equally happy working on my own. My experience of medicine has convinced me that my career choice is right for me, and my determination is total. I hope you will consider my application.

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