Medical Personal Statement 10

Example Medical Personal Statement

My enthusiasm for medicine derives partly from the intellectual satisfaction that is offered by a complex science, but also from the human commitment it calls for, and the fulfilment that can be experienced through helping others. One of my most decisive experiences was helping to care for my grandfather during his illness. Whilst tending to his needs, and being in contact with the medical team, I was inspired by the care and compassion shown to him and our family, and soon realised that this was the path I wanted to pursue. Through various placements, I have learnt not only the importance of sound medical knowledge, but also that the doctor-patient relationship is paramount in the holistic care of the individual.

To gain a deeper insight into the various facets and demands of medicine, I arranged work shadowing at three different hospitals. I accompanied junior doctors as they performed daily tasks ranging from ward rounds to clerical duties and saw first hand the reality of being a doctor. It was clear that medicine is a multi-disciplinary profession requiring continuous study, dedication, excellent interpersonal skills, motivation and empathy. What struck me, whilst shadowing a SHO during a night shift in A&E, was the sheer variety of challenges and problem-solving situations doctors experience, and also the rewards when the patients’ and families’ anxieties are relieved. It was immensely satisfying to follow patients through their illnesses from initial presentation, to diagnosis, through their surgical procedures and into recovery. One memorable case was that of a child requiring a renal transplant, a condition which had a terrible impact on the quality of his life. I realised that successful operations are reliant on a team effort involving surgeons, nurses, anaesthetists and ODPs, who all have a share in ensuring the wellbeing of the patient. Research too is an integral part of medicine. I gained an internship at a molecular diagnostics company in USA where I completed a project on the genetic analysis of CYP450 enzyme for improving outcomes with Warfarin. This project was highly stimulating and intellectually satisfying, and helped to develop my powers of self-discipline and organization.

Since 2009, I have volunteered at a care home. My duties range from playing games with bed-bound patients, to attending to their basic care. This has enhanced my interpersonal skills, such as patience and empathy in a cross-cultural setting. Through volunteering at a school for children with special needs, such as autism or Down’s, I have come to recognise the importance of listening and non-verbal communication, areas in which I have greatly improved. There are often many difficulties with the elderly or young, which can be distressing; however, every experience, no matter how challenging, has been invaluable in reinforcing my resolve to study medicine.

I believe it is important to have interests outside of medicine. As a Black Belt in Tae Kwon-Do, I run a beginners’ class locally. I am also a Sergeant in the Air Cadets. My responsibilities include charity work, organising camps and teaching cadets about aviation. Music is also important to me. I have obtained Grade 5 in violin and Grade 4 in piano, performing in many concerts. In my gap year I intend to work as a volunteer at an orphanage and hospital in India for two months to experience a different healthcare system.

I am fortunate in being virtually bilingual, having fluent English and Punjabi, which will no doubt be invaluable in my planned career. My strong academic record is evidence that I can make a success of a degree course in medicine. I am industrious and ambitious, and I work reliably in a team as well as on my own. My exploration and experiences of the various aspects of this dynamic and rewarding profession have served to strengthen my desire to pursue this goal with all my ability. I appreciate that the road ahead will be challenging and demanding, but I remain determined to be part of this ever-changing field. I hope you will consider my application.

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