Law Personal Statement 2

Example Law Personal Statement

As a citizen of China, and hence someone who is living in an environment in which economic development is moving at an unprecedented pace, I am keenly aware of the importance of understanding the complexities of selling the products of the Chinese economic miracle to other countries, where traditions and values can be very different from those most of my fellow Chinese are familiar with and where the legal systems governing commerce can present problems of procedure and judgement that must be faced. China has opened up to the world only in recent years and has rapidly taken its place as the workshop of the modern world, providing essential goods for consumption in many highly developed states. The international dimension in Chinese trade and business is central to its identity and to its future. Ignorance of the laws which protect rights and safeguard earnings in international trade could lead to serious losses. I am keen to explore international business law through studying for a degree in the subject, necessarily in a university with an international reputation, before returning to my homeland to promote awareness and encourage practices which will allow my country’s economy to continue to flourish.

I am interested in many areas of commercial law, such as banking law and the ways it differs from country to country and reflects the value systems around the world. This will affect insurance law and attitudes to taxation systems. What roles do government agencies play in controlling business procedures? The advance of globalisation is important here, as it is difficult to imagine the continuance of legal practices which defy the customary business methods in the countries one trades with. Competition law is another complex issue which interests me, particularly the antitrust laws and the rules on cartels, as well as on mergers and international acquisitions. Energy law is having, and will continue to have, an important impact on international business and environmental laws must be understood by all businessmen. The EEC has set up vast quantities of legal measures to govern trading practices, and their impact on Chinese exporting is already massive. It is a complex and substantial area of study, and to master it would bring me both professional and personal fulfilment.

I have long been interested in law and have undertaken several work experience placements to learn about the subject. I spent a month at the Shanghai Xuhui District People’s Court in the tribunal section, reviewing cases, and another month working in a law firm in Yunnan Province. In 2010 I spent some time in another district court in Yunnan Province, where civil, criminal and other types of cases were handled. I also worked for several months in the “I love my family” organisation in Shanghai as a legal assistant. I feel that these placements have given me a good grounding for my own legal studies, introducing me to many procedures and giving me a real insight into how law has an impact on ordinary people’s lives. While at school I was a member of the school legal aid advocacy group, visiting the Akiyama district and Zhongshan Park area to offer legal aid services. I have also acted as an assistant to the Shanghai University counsellors, organising student activities to help the counsellors’ work.

I would hope to go on to complete a postgraduate degree after graduation and then follow a set pattern of career development, leading ultimately in about five years to setting up my own legal practice. I am always hard-working and very determined, never leaving a set task unfinished. At the same time I have great patience and treat other people sympathetically and considerately, an essential quality in a lawyer, I think. I enjoy being part of a team, though I also have considerable originality in my thinking. My commitment to my goal is total, and I believe I have the qualities to become a very successful undergraduate.

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