Law Personal Statement

Example Law Personal Statement

“The good of the people is the chief law.” – Cicero

Jurisprudence has developed over thousands of years to promote and preserve right; from the exchange of services to punishing wrong, this multifaceted field is underpinned by ideals to be upheld by its members. As a child, I met an eminent QC at a family event and was inspired to undertakework experience at a law firm, which only confirmed my ambition to follow in his footsteps. I have developed a strong interest in Commerce and Finance law, and after completing my degree I will take the Bar with the ultimate aim of becoming a QC in the field of global banking.

By shadowing a QC at Chambers I was able to experience at first hand the challenges presented by a career at the Bar. Its multifaceted nature demands a high level of analytical skill and specialist knowledge of the law; yet barristers must also abide by strict moral codes to aid the carriage of justice. I was attracted to the degree of communication and leadership required by this career, but pursued placements at a solicitor’s office to gain contrast. Through observing both Personal and Business law I gained insight into wills, trusts and the administration of estates, as well as mediation, tribunals and reading legal case documents. Although demanding intellectually, the rewards of gaining a successful outcome for clients and carrying through justice make this a uniquely satisfying pursuit. The diversity of legal practice and the endless possibilities of a law degree are key motivators in my desire to study this discipline and find the ideal outlet for my talents.

In order to gain an appreciation of university-level Law, I have attended talks at LSE, UCL and Oxford and enjoyed a private discussion with Dr Christopher Townley at Kings College law school regarding the subject. I regularly read Young Lawyer and Legal Week to keep abreast of developments in the profession. My A-Levels have also given me a stimulating outlet for gaining important skills including analysis, attention to detail and independent study. English Literature has heightened my ability to pay close attention to detail whilst reading extensive amounts of material, and conducting an independent enquiry as part of History has given me a solid foundation for university work. I am passionate about Classics and Latin, which I have also found intriguing for their relevance to legal study; I have read the works of Ovid, Cicero and Tacitus and am keen to study Roman law at degree level to further my knowledge. I studied Maths to AS Level and I have found that this has provided me with the ability to solve problems in a logical way.

I enjoy volunteer work in an attempt to safeguard the wellbeing of others; last year I assisted in organising a Christmas party in a residential home for mentally ill adults, and helped organise fundraising events for a cancer charity, raising over £1000 on one occasion. My Duke of Edinburgh Silver developed my skills in leadership and teamwork which were also useful as an elected school prefect, during which I assisted on official school functions as a role model for my peers. Business Enterprise Awareness Training allowed me to display initiative, organisation and innovation, and appealed to my interest in business and commerce.During the last twelve months I have studied and completed the foundation Diploma in Hypnotherapy, which has improved my confidence and has given me an insight into the language of influence; I was able to assist a friend suffering anxiety ahead of examinations and was struck by the tangible effects of effective communication.

The above quotation from Cicero, a father of jurisprudence, illustrates clearly the unending need for justice and representation for all; and I feel that a Law degree would be the ideal step to achieve my professional and personal potential, while upholding the most crucial foundations of our society.

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