IT Personal Statement

Example IT Personal Statement

Having gained five years of IT experience within the workplace and proven myself to be a self-motivated and capable student in my own time, I believe that bringing these qualities to bear throughout university study in the field will allow me to take the next crucial step in developing as a professional in the field. I have always enjoyed working with and studying computers and have also dedicated much of my spare time to gaining new skills and exploring new aspects of the field. Studying for a Foundation Degree will allow me to continue this in a vibrant educational environment that fosters my passion for IT and computing while always pushing me to achieve my goals.

While most of my knowledge has been gained through work, I have also shown myself to be a driven student when given the opportunity. This quality has shown itself particularly in subjects related to my field of interests, allowing me to gain a GNVQ in ICT and qualifications in Graphic and Web Design and a CompTIA A+ certification. My determination to succeed academically as well as professionally is not confined to these areas of primary interest, however, and I am currently undertaking workshops to improve grades in English and Maths prior to starting university level study.

One thing that undergraduate study can offer is the ability to translate my extensive practical experience into academic knowledge and qualification. I have worked in various areas of the IT industry since 2008, beginning as a Calibration and Production Technician for Smart Fibres and constructing, installing and calibrating fibre optic systems. This role required the acquisition of excellent product knowledge, problem solving and report writing; that, I believe, will benefit me throughout further study. I then worked as an IT Technician for Castle Coms, diagnosing and correcting faults for customers, constructing PCs and installing operating systems. This fostered my ability to adopt a logical approach to problem solving, as well as working on my interpersonal and communication skills in a client-focused role. After a brief stint as an Environment/Terrain Artist, which offered experience of handling sensitive information for defence projects and re-awakened a long-held interest in the creative potential of IT systems, I returned to IT support and management roles with 1-Fix Ltd and Grace Electronics. I have flourished in these positions, offering an extensive range of on site and remote assistance tasks; including designing, installing, diagnosing and repairing systems; hardware and software management; maintaining client relationships and supervising personnel. In my current role, as a Technical Consultant for CD Team Ltd, I combine all of these skills and interests to provide support to clients across the UK and Europe, internal IT support within the company and occasional cover for the graphics department, including the use of Mac systems.

As many IT professionals find, I am often the person who is called to resolve technical issues for friends and family! For me, this has also offered a chance to build on my interests in web design and I have constructed a number of sites. As a highly creative person, I am also fascinated by games design and am working to create original prototypes using the Unity engine. I also ran an online modification for the game Crysis, which was so successful we were featured in PC Gamer magazine. The creative potential of computers fascinates me and I would relish the opportunity to gain a greater degree of knowledge and skill in this area through further study.

While I have gained extensive knowledge that is practical in nature and ‘hands on’ experience, I believe that the time has come to stretch myself technically and academically. Being given the opportunity to study at university level would ensure I continue to develop as both a student and a professional within the field.

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