Business Personal Statement

Example Business Personal Statement

One of the things that I like the most about the UK, speaking as someone who lived in Lithuania until they left school, is the country’s enthusiasm for entrepreneurs and business ideas. Even in these times of recession, wherever I go I still see shops being re-fitted in preparation for a new business to move in, or signs announcing the forthcoming arrival of a new shop or restaurant. And there seems to be new online ventures being set up in this country virtually every day. I find the idea of ordinary people trying to set up new business ventures both heart-warming, and I feel inspired to follow in their footsteps. However, I know that when it comes to running a business, knowledge is everything. The business that fails is one that either does not understand who its potential customers are or whose management is unable to get the most out of its workers and resources.

With an appreciation of this lack of preparation leading to business failure, I wish to complete a business management degree that gives a detail, insightful coverage of the main subject areas of business management. Through studying business texts in my own time, I know that the technical, possibly less glamorous sides of business operations, such as accounting, human resources management and compliance with legislation are just as important as the business’s marketing and product development. I am determined to fully understand all of these areas and how they relate to one another as I seek to prepare myself to one day manage a business of my own.

I have already dedicated some of my time to preparing to study business at university through completing a course with Business Link. On the course I enjoyed the introduction to the basic principles behind setting up and running a business, such as creating a business plan and maintaining a set of accounts. The course also gave me a feeling of the possibilities for success that lie ahead of me if I go into a business venture armed with a full knowledge of how to manage a business and a clear business plan that is based on understanding my target market and satisfying their needs.

In my time I’ve worked in a wide range of jobs at companies that do all sorts of different things. This has given me a very deep understanding of people, work and organizations, something that is vital for business leaders to have. In my first jobs after leaving school I worked as a packer and a labourer. Working in these physically gruelling jobs taught me a lot about what motivates people when they are working in relatively low-paid jobs, which I believe is very important for people in management positions to avoid the trap of thinking too abstractly about their workforce. After these jobs I worked for several years as a door supervisor. Again, this isn’t the typical early-career posting of a future business executive, but it helped to instil me with confidence and an ability to handle pressure and criticism very effectively. The work also helped to keep me in shape as I pursued my passion of freestyle wrestling, in which I became the Lithuanian national champion.

Over the last four years I’ve worked in more of a conventional business environment. Working as an interpreter was a very interesting experience that gave me chances to understand how business people develop negotiation strategies and communicate their ideas. Working as an area manager for a security company for three years was what gave me a real taste for playing a leading role in a company, however. I woke up every morning looking forward to the challenges that the day held, whether these were motivating and recruiting new staff, liaising with higher-level management to discuss expansion strategies or scrutinizing the financial figures for the area. The position also gave me the motivation and self-belief to begin to develop plans to set up a company of my own one day, which I hope I will be able to execute once I have completed my degree.

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