Business and Marketing Personal Statement

Example Business and Marketing Personal Statement

Witnessing the growth and development of my father’s business since a young age has been one of the primary stimulations of my interest in business and marketing. When old enough to gain valuable insight into his occupation I accompanied him to work and enjoyed experiencing the different facets of the professional business world. Since this time my engagement in business and marketing has steadily grown and I have determined that this is the vocation I wish to pursue. I would therefore like to apply for a business and marketing degree to gain essential academic knowledge and practical experience to be able to eventually run my own successful business or to take over my father’s when he retires.

Being keen to broaden my understanding of business, undertaking a business and marketing degree is the logical progression in furthering my pre-existing skills. Taking business, economic and sociology A Levels has given me fundamental understanding of these fields and my aim at university is to develop these strengths and to specialize in the elements of business and marketing that will aid me in my professional ambitions of running a company.

During my time at school, I have strived to develop my organizational and self-motivational skills as these are hugely important when studying at university and when in a business career; high personal motivation and dedication is involved in business and I have attempted to cultivate and build on these character traits in preparation for further education. Completing group and individual business projects at school demonstrates my ability to work well in a team and alone, and has also enabled the expansion of my leadership skills. I have learnt that cooperation and mutual motivation is essential to a team’s success and this knowledge is something I look forward to practically utilizing when at university. I also anticipate learning much from my peers, and being able to share with them my strengths. Completing an ASDAN course also allowed me to utilize the skills I had developed during school classes, and to realize that these can be transferred to whatever I focus on. I hope to apply my skill set positively and successfully to my study of business and management at university and to extend said skills widely.

I have proactively sought to increase the efficiency of my interpersonal and communication skills throughout my time at school, and during all three of my A Levels participating in class discussions and helping others has been particularly enjoyable. Having not studied business or economics previously, progressing to AS and A Level was an exciting time and I inputted much determination and energy to my studies. To accompany my academic learning, I avidly read the business section of The Times and other broadsheets. This has allowed me to put my learning into perspective and to incorporate case studies into this, leading to an increased contextual knowledge base and awareness of current business affairs. This reading has also been beneficial to my classmates as we are able to share information on business issues to aid our understanding of the concepts and facts we are taught. My reading has also stimulated further ambition as being aware of successes in the business world can only inspire you to pursue your goals.

Experiencing my father’s business has also motivated me to follow my ambition and to take active steps to attain this through further education. I gained insight into the intricacies of business and how marketing strategies and successful communication with the target demographic is just as important as the business concept itself. I engaged with the marketing team and learnt how they developed projects from start to finish, and this aspect of my work experience was extremely appealing to me. My father’s employees showed great tenacity and endeavor in their work and I would like to emulate this in both my university studies and in a career; I have immense respect for businesses that have grown from nothing, and it is this entrepreneurial spirit that excites me the most – everything you input is with the perspective that your business could benefit and grow into what has been envisioned.

Business and economics play such a major role in our lives, and I would like to have a hand in eventually shaping my own company, or indeed aiding another company within their marketing department initially. My motivation is high and I anticipate building upon my aptitudes in specific relation to business and marketing. At university, learning, from people and academically, is something I look forward to, and I hope to be able to share my experiences with my peers in this way and to allow my skills to flourish.

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