Environmental Science Personal Statement

Sample Environmental Science Personal Statement

My passion and interest in environmental science stems from my extensive travelling experiences throughout my childhood; by visiting volcanoes in Hawaii, coral reefs in Australia and glaciers in Europe, I gained an appreciation and wonder for the diversity of our eco systems. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is extraordinary, but its beauty is daily threatened by worsening problems of coral degradation and over-fishing; recent research has underlined decline in the shark population due to these changes to their environment. The implications of environmental issues are at the forefront of political, social and economic debate; the 2006 Stern Review highlighted the economic and human cost of ignoring climate change, and today it is even more important to find efficient, innovative ways to minimise decline of our global environment.

From new architectural and building techniques to modes of transport, how we live is increasingly impacted by initiatives to preserve environmental resources. The area of environmental science which is of particular interest to me is our increasing dependence on fossil fuels, along with the growing demand for green energy. After reading Heinburg’s “The Party’s Over” it became apparent to me that as the world’s oil resources run low, there is an ever increasing need and urgency for countries to protect, regulate and utilise correctly the raw materials that they possess; this often leads to innovative new discovery and invention, as epitomised by a recent New Scientist article discussing the possibility of electric roads to power cars and reduce carbon emissions. My passion for this topic inspired me to examine how energy can be utilised from various forms of waste, for my Extended Project Qualification. Reading and analysing research papers and books and subsequently presenting data in a persuasive manner gave me a taste of independent study, as well as time management skills to preserve my other commitments.

I chose to study Biology, Chemistry, Geography and Maths at AS to gain the varied skills needed as a foundation for further scientific study. Biology has introduced me to enlightening topics including ecological pyramids, which epitomise the interdependency of ecosystems and concurrently the need to preserve these intact. I am excited to further develop my specialist knowledge by focusing on environmental sciences at degree level. Chemistry and Maths have provided me with flexible analytical and quantitative skills which have also been useful on fieldtrips in Geography, where collecting and collating research efficiently is essential.

I helped found my school Ecology Club, which enabled me to put my communication skills to good use and work as part of a team. The projects undertaken within the club have highlighted the benefits of sustainability on a local level, which won our school a Green Flag award for its contribution. I have also worked in a large garden centre to expand my awareness of plant species, as well as improve my ability to work independently and take on a position of responsibility. On recommendation from my employer my school awarded me with a Work Experience Excellence certificate for my outstanding performance in the workplace. Completing Bronze and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards has allowed me to further appreciate how delicate and challenging our environment can be, imparting extensive practice of orienteering, team work and outdoor survival. I am a young leader with the local Guide group and must be consistently reliable when organising and monitoring activities on a weekly basis. Through this experience I have been able to improve my interpersonal and leadership skills.

Through this degree programme I would like to continue to gain the knowledge and skills needed to study and develop the future use of green energy in both industrial and domestic markets, and am eager to play a key part in this exciting field and help preserve its integrity.

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