English Studies personal statement

Sample English Personal Statement

I am currently studying English Language and Linguistics at degree level and have completed my first year. I would like to apply to De Montfort University to study English Language and Journalism, however, as future modules do not suit my personal preferences. Journalism is a subject I am passionate about and studying it would help me pursue a career in journalism and P.R.

I have always found English a fascinating subject and have been particular inspired by the linguistic elements of the subject. More specifically, the history of the English language has been of great interest to me, demonstrating how language evolves over time. I feel that my previous study of language links particularly well with my proposed study of journalism. A journalist has to be good at playing with words to control the way a story/headline comes across to a reader. I enjoy reading both broadsheet and tabloid newspapers and am particularly fascinated by their different language use.

In the past year at university, I have studied sociolinguistics, the nature of language and intercultural communications, all of which where of great interest. In these three modules I achieved good grades, and have benefited enormously from the variety of assessments, including presentations, group work and essay-based assignments. The variety of assignments has allowed me to build up transferable skills in each of these areas.

I have a variety of hobbies including reading and playing sports. I was captain of the girl’s football team during my school years, enabling me to improve my communication and teamwork skills. Some of my proudest achievements came as a result of this role, including winning various competitions and being voted ‘Player of the Year’ in consecutive years. I also enjoy travelling around the world to experience a wide variety of cultures. I have lived abroad, allowing me the experience of trying to fit in with a different culture. This is very important to me as we live in such a multicultural country and having knowledge of others cultures allows for greater communication. Travelling has also allowed me to learn Spanish and French languages.

During sixth form I trained to become a peer mentor. This allowed me to work with younger students to try and overcome particular problems they may have been facing during their time at school. This also boosted communication skills, and enabled me to hone my problem solving skills. I was particularly proud of helping a young girl who was struggling in maths lessons but didn’t have the confidence to ask for help from the teacher. After five weeks spent one-to-one with her, she sat her GCSE Maths and came out with a grade C, which was more than she had been predicted.

I have also worked part time in a shop for a number of years, which has allowed me to gain many skills, including independent work as well as teamwork, working towards goals, great communication skills and the ability to deal with difficult situations.

I would like to go into a career within journalism or public relations. To support this, I have recently been to a large housing association company to spend a few days with their public relations department and experience their daily operations.

I feel completing a degree in English Language and Journalism will allow me to successfully achieve my career goal. Being a part of De Montfort University would allow to me further my skills and help me progress and achieve new skills that will be transferable to the work place.

We hope you’ve found this english studies personal statement helpful.