English Studies Personal Statement

Sample English Studies Personal Statement

Being a student who places great interest on research and analysis, I was quickly drawn to History and English as academic subjects. Independent analytical thought is an aspect of my studies that is particularly enjoyable and I have found these two subjects stimulating in regards to this. Since a young age I have enjoyed learning about the past, especially how the present is shaped and guided. International history is especially appealing, and having spent many years in the Middle East my curiosity has steadily increased – learning the history and its importance to this ever developing area meant that contemporary events held even more importance to native peoples and bystanders alike. Current events and their broader meaning for these countries, and indeed the world, have supported my curiosity in history greatly.

My enthusiasm towards English literature has evolved extensively whilst at school. Methods used to evoke emotion in the reader is fascinating and I look forward to furthering my knowledge of these devices, and to also following this interest in the realm of history; historiography, especially primary text analysis, will allow me to investigate historical bias and to learn the influence this has had upon contemporary views on the past. I look forward to building upon my pre-existing skill set and knowledge base in History and English, and to developing my specific areas of interest during university learning.

During my school career, I learnt many skills and I hope to be able utilise and develop these at university. My organisational skills were nurtured when raising funds for the Haiti earthquake fund, and I learnt many valuable lessons about time management, communication and motivation during this time. I thrived when working within a team and when leading it, and I look forward to using my interpersonal skills in seminars and group work. My confidence in presentation giving and group discussion was bolstered when I took the lead role in Henrik Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler and I demonstrated many character traits whilst in this play that I am both proud of and hope to share with my university peers; perseverance and dedication will prove to be hugely academically beneficial as History and English demand a high level of concentration and focus.

Being given the responsibility of mentoring younger pupils at school, and of being a house prefect, enabled me to hone my leadership skills and to also be sensitive to the needs of others, helping them whenever possible. I enjoyed having a dialogue with younger pupils and aiding them in their studies as I was once helped. Having positive reciprocal exchanges is essential to character growth, and again, I look forward to learning much from my university colleagues and to sharing with them some of my experiences.

My summer internship took me all over Europe and I thrived in my liaison role between foreign delegations. I utilised many of the aforementioned skills and these were hugely advantageous – my communication, leadership and teamwork skills meant that my tasks were undertaken efficiently and that everything ran as smoothly as planned; if problems arose we worked methodically and resolved the situation quickly through creative thinking and diligence. I look forward to applying these practical and proactive skills to my academic study and feel that they will be a huge advantage to me at university.

At university I anticipate continuing my attendance of Yoga and Pilates and of maintaining my fitness. It is essential to keep a healthy body as this aids concentration greatly allowing you to enjoy your studies through the positive outcome of self-motivation. Being self-motivated is extremely important whilst at university and I understand individual study is of paramount importance when reading humanities. I have a high drive for success, and I look forward to inputting much energy into my studies. I have the ultimate ambition of becoming a journalist and my study of English and History will give me the essential research and writing skills to obtain this goal.

At university, I hope to develop my interest in world literature and in watching and reading plays. Extra curricular activity is an aspect of university that is very exciting and I hope to become very involved in theatre, sport and the university paper. I would like to develop career skills whilst at university in anticipation of my chosen career path. I am a conscientious, sensitive and committed student and I am confident that I have the skills to at will allow for my success at university. I look forward to the challenge of a demanding degree and to the opportunity to learn as much as possible whilst in further education.

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