English Language Personal Statement

Sample English Language Personal Statement

A deep interest in the whole phenomenon of language and its ability to express human individuality has inspired my ambition to study for a degree in English Language. My long-term plan is to become an investigative journalist and I believe that a degree course, with its emphasis on the theoretical background to language use as well as training in the skills of clear, fluent and varied expression, is the necessary foundation on which my professional career should be based. I have a creative and inventive turn of mind, and enjoy the flexibility and power of language to describe complex situations, emotions and experiences. There are many areas of the subject which I should like to explore, including the history of English from its earliest developments to its present form, which would enable me to understand changes in such areas as grammar and vocabulary with confidence and sympathy.

I am interested in the social factors which govern language and how far the choice of a particular register or lexis can be linked to the notion of group identity. Another exciting area is the question of how children learn language so readily, and I am very keen to learn about the current theories in this field. Living in a multicultural society has raised the question of intercultural communication and the cross-fertilization of language forms and habits. Many other questions have caught my imagination, and would make excellent subjects for advanced study. What exactly is “Basic English”, and how far is it a political phenomenon? What language habits characterise the sexes and the different presentation of men and women? What has been the role of English across the globe, and is it really desirable that everywhere you go in Europe now (and perhaps elsewhere), everyone seems to speak English? In addition, I am keen to study some of the qualities of English literature and the way English can be used for purposes of style.

My mind is full of questions like these which I am eager to confront in a degree course as a starting point from which to develop my own writing, and my reading skills as a critic. My investigation of possible career paths has led me to visit the BBC in Salford, where I saw how some well known programmes are devised and produced, and was very inspired by the behind-the-scenes world of media work. I have also recently begun my own blog, largely as a vehicle for expressing my own creativity and developing my written style when dealing with topics which interest me.

My work experience has been mainly in catering and retail businesses. I worked for Next for several months, where I was responsible for checking the shop floor and keeping displays well stocked, and generally maintaining high standards to meet customer demands. For the past year I have worked for an event catering firm, waiting, dealing with customer complaints, setting up and clearing venues and organizing material supplies. My work has allowed me to develop skills of clear communication as well as teaching me much about the responsibilities of the workplace and the demands of the real world.

I am a dependable individual, original in my thinking and inventive in my approach to projects. My working life has shown that I can work well with others, though my originality of thought makes me confident that I can act effectively under my own guidance, as would of course be necessary for an investigative journalist. I enjoy reading, and speculating about the power of language and I am totally committed to a career in which expression is a central factor. I always strive to achieve the highest standards in everything I undertake to do, and can guarantee a dedicated approach to a degree course which covers a range of subjects which interest me so much. I work hard and have excellent powers of concentration and organization, and I believe I have the necessary qualities to become a very successful undergraduate.

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