English Language Personal Statement

Sample English Language Personal Statement

As a mother, and stepmother, I have always found the experience of being with children of all ages hugely rewarding. As stepmother to three teenagers, aged between 15 and 18, I have found overcoming the particular challenges of playing a central role in an individual’s life as they transform from children into adults especially rewarding. Teaching offers an opportunity not only to influence a child’s education, but to also play an influential role in their lives, combining my interpersonal skills, my passion for languages, and my desire to transmit this passion to others.

As a native Spanish speaker, who has lived and worked in a second language, I am particularly keen to show British pupils the advantages of learning languages. English and Spanish are currently two of the most global languages and having knowledge of both opens up many doors for future career and life choices, as I have demonstrated. Having graduated high school in my native Panama with a major in Science and Arts, I was already aware that I wanted to pursue the study of languages for my own benefit. After leaving school I studied at the University of South Carolina, completing a TEOFL course with a score of 550 points (Level 2 Advanced in ESOL). While this shows my determination, and ability, to study in the English language, it also shows the value that I place on languages and the central role that this has continued to play in my life.

After studying English, I undertook a degree in Business Administration and System Programming. Alongside skills specific to the field, this educational experience helped me to hone transferable study and IT skills that will prove useful in future study and in my future career. Having previous experience of higher education is hugely important for high school teachers. Through your own experience you are able to help and advise your pupils as they make their own decisions.

Having lived and worked in the UK for a number of years now, I have improved my fluency with the language to the point at which I believe I am capable of working within education. I have also worked hard during my time here to focus my studies and work experience to gain the skills necessary to teach in secondary education. I have completed GCSEs in Maths and English, which not only honed skills within these subjects but also offered first hand experience of studying within the National Curriculum that will allow me to relate to teaching future pupils using the same structure and techniques. I have also gained first hand experience of working in a classroom through my role as a Classroom Assistant. Observing, and assisting with, actual class teaching based around multiple areas of the curriculum has been the most eye-opening experience, really allowing me to get to grips with what teaching entails and allowing me to begin gaining the basic skills necessary to do this for myself.

Of course, while I have been focusing on gaining this additional skill and knowledge, I have also worked a range of other professions, including administrative and supervisory roles in the hospitality and cleaning services industries. On a practical level, this has offered a wealth of experience in planning and dealing with paperwork that will mean that I am unphased by these aspects of study and, ultimately, of the job. On a personal level, they also offered the chance to hone interpersonal, teamwork, communication and organisational skills that are essential for any class teachers.

I have repeatedly proven myself to be a dedicated, capable and flexible student, with a particular passion for languages and a desire to pass on this passion to others. I have worked hard to gain the necessary skills and experience to form a strong foundation for undertaking a PCGE, while my commitment to working hard will ensure that I make the most of the opportunity to achieve my goal of becoming a teacher.

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