Engineering personal statement

Through Engineering’s exploration of the limits of our knowledge the subject creates possibilities for learning a great deal more about our place in the universe, or about reducing our impact on our home planet through the discovery of environmentally sound technologies. I am hugely excited by the possibility of working within this intellectually stimulating field, while also relishing the prospect of making a real impact on the society in which I live, and the lives of others within that society.

I have consistently proven my academic ability within the subjects which provide a theoretical base for Engineering, namely Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. I have also realised the importance of gaining a better idea of how the principles which I have learnt through these subjects are applied.

Ever since visiting the NASA space centre as a young child I have always had a particular fascination with Aeronautical Engineering. Work experience with Cabair Pilot Training has only served to bolster this enthusiasm. My role was mainly based around communication and administration, fostering valuable interpersonal and organisational skills through responding to client queries and updating technical logs. I was also offered the chance to observe aircraft maintenance, however, giving me a better understanding of the practical application of the science of flight. A work placement offered even more opportunities to get to grips with the application of Engineering within the field by shadowing professionals and learning about the Typhoon and HIDAS systems within the Apache helicopter, as well as undertaking PCB design work using CAD systems. My interest in flight and aeronautics also extends to my extra-curricular activities, as I am a dedicated member of the Air Training Corps. In addition to learning about satellite communications, navigation and the science of propulsion, being a cadet also encourages responsibility for self and others, something which has also been central to my position as class representative at school. As a Corporal, I lead parade nights and long distance walks, as well having to ensure safety during regular flying and gliding. Volunteering at the Bentley Priory Battle of Britain Trust also allowed me to gain perspective on a key moment in the history of flight and to contribute to my community.

I have also worked hard to expand on my academic knowledge of the field whenever possible. I attended an ‘Aerospace versus the elements’ seminar, as an affiliate of the Royal Aeronautical Society, delivering a presentation on the use of planes in the delivery of humanitarian aid. I also attended a week long ‘Mission Discovery’ course at Imperial College London, where we were tasked with designing an experiment to be sent into space that would improve life on earth. As a theoretical demonstration of Engineering’s potential impact this was inspiring, as well as offering experience of working within set parameters and deadlines.

I believe that creative thinking is also important within Engineering and have always used my spare time to pay attention to nurturing interests within the arts. I am a keen pianist, playing since the age of eight and working towards my Grade 5. I also enjoy painting and photography, and take every opportunity that I can to indulge these interests.

I am consistently inspired by the myriad applications of Engineering and the potential of these applications to improve all of our lives. As a dedicated student, with strong teamwork skills, boundless curiosity and a logical approach to problem solving, I am determined to continue working towards my ultimate goal of making a real contribution to the field and, through that, to wider community.

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