Engineering Personal Statement

Sample Engineering Personal Statement

I am passionate about Biomedical Engineering as a field that exerts a profound influence over our healthcare system. I also believe that with its unique combination of engineering and science, this area of study is a perfect fit for my interests and abilities. Armed with an inkling that this was the ideal subject for me, I attended a Medical Engineering taster course at Queen Mary College, which only reinforced my convictions.

Seeing some of the projects created by students at Queen Mary inspired me in making my own. In my Systems and Controls class, I attempted to develop an air power mobility chair, ergonomically designed in order to assist patients in standing with the greatest possible ease. In Electronics, I created a heart rate monitor that records the number of heartbeats and displays the results. The project was born out of my particular interest in bioinstrumentation, which I am currently pursuing in my attempt to create a surgical robotic arm, the inspiration for which came from the da Vinci Surgical System.

My first encounter with engineering at an industrial level came when I completed a placement at BNS Nuclear Engineering. There, I learned something of the precision and attention to detail crucial to problem solving within the field. I also work alongside professional doctors and engineers at REMAP, a not-for-profit organization that produces custom made equipment for people with disabilities. I have benefited immensely from observing interactions between doctors and patients in a medical environment, as well as from communicating with people from different professions, and problem solving in a group context.

A genuine interest in my A-Level subjects firmly underpins my potential as a student of biomedical engineering. I am drawn to the rigorous nature of Physics, and to the logical framework of Mathematics. I recently read a book entitled How Long is a Piece of String, which deals with the role of Mathematics in solving real-life problems. This closely relates to my interest in biomedical engineering, as I am eager to translate theoretical understanding into practical improvements in the everyday lives of patients. Systems and Controls and Electronics have also proved extremely valuable, as they have enabled me to begin applying engineering principles and design concepts. Beyond my A-Level subjects, I am also interested in medicine, and, in order to consolidate this, I recently read The History of Medicine. I am currently applying to work in a hospital, and I am certain that I would benefit from the hands-on experience.

Outside the classroom, I am involved in a number of extra-curricular activities. I mentor GCSE Mathematics students, through which I have demonstrated an ability to work closely and effectively with others. As a founder and chairperson of the Beauchamp Engineering Society, I organise lectures and events, and generally promote enthusiasm for the subject. I am also a member of the maths society and have taken part in the Young Enterprise scheme, as well as participating in a number of engineering competitions.

Out of school, I enjoy an on-going relationship with my local community. I lent a hand in the tidy up project organised by Leicester council, and have managed the shop floor in my local charity shop, where I learned to operate in a pressured environment.

In my spare time, I enjoy building cars and helicopters from scratch. This process requires a great deal of patience and allows me to work independently. I am also a self-taught pianist. I find that music enables me to relax and express myself creatively.

At this stage, I intend to pursue biomedical engineering through to doctorate level and beyond into further research. In addition to a fervent academic curiosity, I look forward to the university experience as whole and to my personal development as an individual. I believe that I posses the dedication required for the course, and I am more than ready for the challenge.

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