Engineering Personal Statement

Sample Engineering Personal Statement

Chemical Engineering is becoming ever more vital to the safeguarding of our future society in the wake of concerns regarding the finite nature of natural gas and the need to find, and make viable, renewable energy resources. As a keen Chemistry student, it was through discussing these issues with a family friend who currently works within the oil and gas industry, that I realised Chemical Engineering offered the most obvious platform through which I could combine my academic aptitudes, my career aspirations and my passion for making a positive impact on the world around me.

Chemistry has always been one of my favourite subjects throughout my schooling, and I have worked hard to perform well throughout Standard, Higher and Advanced Higher grades. As a strong all-round science student, I have also focused on Biology through much of my studies. As my interests in Chemical Engineering, as a specific field, have grown, however, I am also keen to use my spare time to expand my knowledge of Physics, so as to adequately prepare myself for undergraduate study.

I have always had to balance study with work and extra-curricular activities, and have well-honed time management and organisational skills as a result. During holidays from school, I have been given responsibility for leading teams undertaking barley and potato roguing on the family farm, as well working as a fork lift truck operator in the potato store. As the potato roguing, in particular, is assessed by an external examiner this role has introduced me to working under pressure to maintain standards and hit targets. Having to plan a course of action to help my team to achieve this was an ultimately satisfying experience, as it allowed me to calculate the most methods and motivating my team to implement this plan. It has also made me aware of the effect that not factoring in biological knowledge of your crop can have on the profitability of a company, as well as the importance of health and safety in protecting your workforce, both of which are important factors in my chosen career.

In my spare time I am a keen sportsman. I particularly enjoy tennis and have played for my local club from a young age. I have been part of the Junior Superleague winning team, play in the men’s and mixed doubles leagues and am currently also captaining my school team in the Schools Scottish Tournament. I relish the responsibility that captaining a team involves and hugely enjoy the challenge of motivating my team mates. Having also captained the local football team for five years, and played for my school team, I have extensive experience of leadership, teamwork and organisation. I am currently working on translating this experience into an official LTA tennis coaching qualification, which involves planning and delivering lessons for children and assisting the professional coaches. Having worked at my local tennis club throughout summer holidays, and been placed in charge of court maintenance, I have also been lucky enough to gain the opportunity to put this experience into practice in a work context. Undertaking my Silver and Bronze Duke of Edinburgh awards also demonstrated the importance of planning and dedication in achieving excellent results. Voluntary work at a charity shop and a cat protection centre were both rewarding experiences, while also demonstrating that perseverance is the key to playing a valuable role within the community.

Having explored Chemical Engineering, and related careers, through various websites and information on graduate schemes, there is no doubt in my mind that studying, and ultimately working, within the field offers the best opportunity to combine my academic interests, my extensive aptitudes and experience within employment and my desire to make a real impact on the society in which I live.

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