Engineering Personal Statement

Sample Engineering Personal Statement

My plan to study for a degree in electronic engineering and make my career in this field has developed out of my work experience and my deep interest in the complexities of the subject. I am a mature student who has spent some years in the working world and my decision to study electronic engineering at an advanced level and to work towards a higher qualification is the product of well informed thought, and awareness of the possibilities offered by the subject. I have been working for nearly ten years as an electrician, for three years in a petrochemical company in Iran and for the last five years as a self-employed free-lance. During this time I have learnt much, both of a theoretical and a practical nature, and I have become convinced of the value of the profession for the modern world, the variety of areas in which a knowledge of electronics is valuable, and the versatility of the subject in the world of employment. I should like to continue to study for a master’s degree after graduation and even a doctorate and to become an active member of a professional organisation such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. It appears to me that much of our future will centre on discoveries and the development of new technologies in electronics and that the revolutionary developments of the last twenty years will only be surpassed in the next. It is an exciting prospect to think that I might be a part of that future.

Electronics is an area in which the smallest technical advance can have huge implications. The accelerated rate of miniaturisation in components over the last fifteen years has had an enormous influence on our lives and has given us the power to do tasks which would have been unimaginably difficult, laborious and time-consuming to people a generation ago. Electronics technology is evident in almost everything we use, from household machines, to entertainment and transport systems, and of course to the computers we use in work and at home. I am keen to study types of circuit design and programming, electromagnetism and the ways power is transmitted, how communications networks operate, semiconductors and internet protocols. The applications of electronics understanding are also full of interest, for example, in personal and mobile communications, flight control, and the crucial field of electronics for medicine. The variety of the subject holds out endless prospects for further discovery and exploration.

My own work experience taught me much about repair and installation of electronics products. I am a committed Christian, and I have been able to use my skills here too, working as a volunteer for a Christian organisation as a computer operator. I have long been interested in computing and the knowledge I have gained of programming and system design has been highly valued by those I have worked for. I am always keen to keep up to date on the latest news in the industry and regularly read the Physics Review and the New Scientist. In many ways I feel that the real value of my subject is in the way it can help people to live more fulfilling lives, allowing them to do things which were once impossible and to open their imaginations to aspects of the human world which were once closed to them.

My Christian commitments are a great part of my life and occupy my Sundays regularly, but I also enjoy sports and exercise, and I swim twice a week. I like to meet a wide variety of people and work with them, so that I consider myself a good team member, though I am equally happy working on my own and have no fear of taking responsibility for my own decisions. I am hard-working and believe very strongly in the importance of self-discipline in work. When I begin on a project I am always determined to follow it through to a satisfactory end. I have no doubts at all about my chosen career and can offer my complete commitment to a degree course and I hope you will consider my application.

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