Engineering Personal Statement

Sample Engineering Personal Statement

It was my natural flair for mathematics and physics at school that first steered me towards mechanical engineering as a subject and opened my eyes to the dynamism, influence and powerful potential of the field. Having always had an acute interest in the mechanisms of the world around me and how things are made, I recognise engineering as an arena where vital development and improvement of our society takes place; my imagination is strongly gripped by the possibilities for the future that it offers. I believe that a new generation of thinkers, contributing fresh ideas, can drive the discipline forward even further. The career paths that a dedicated and innovative worker such as I could build are very exciting and have inspired a passion in me, which will be fulfilled only if I can take the crucial first step of enrolling on your prestigious course.

Participating in the Teenage Technology competition at secondary level, I worked as one of a small team to design and construct an environmentally-friendly vehicle. This was a challenging task that saw us exercising various hands-on skills from assembling a wooden chassis to wiring up solar panels that connected to two mini engines. The car itself had eight gearwheels attaching to the front and back wheels, in a unique design that I and my partners were highly praised for. The whole activity, from the processes of planning and making the car to the pride I felt upon its final test drive, considerably fuelled my love for engineering. One of my favourite parts of the project was the initial communication of our diverse ideas and having to practically experiment with theories to evaluate them. I learned to be organised and efficient at overcoming problems, so as not to impact on the strict timeline or jeopardise relationships with my team. I also experienced firsthand the importance of cooperating with others and, although we each took on a multitude of roles within the group and learned how to adapt quickly, I am sure that my leadership and management skills were vastly improved.

I am, therefore, a positive and proactive individual who can motivate others well. This sociable and enthusiastic persona is further demonstrated through my willingness to involve myself in wider aspects of school life; for instance, I took on a very responsible post leading and running the basketball club, the organisation of which demanded a lot of time and energy on my part. I was required to think strategically when it came to booking the sports hall and drawing up timetables, plus be creative in the delivery of the sessions in order to engage players of various levels. The sport itself I find very enjoyable and it has instilled my sense of discipline, sharpened my competitive edge and let me appreciate the benefits of working in a team. As an active member of the maths club, I also stretch myself academically and relish debating with other high-achieving students, solving intellectual problems and practicing specific skills.

I am currently reading ‘My Life and Work’, the autobiography of Henry Ford, I am inclined to think of this man as the perfect blend of entrepreneur and engineer, steadfast in achieving his ambitious aims. Progressing from hand-building his first automobile with the help of friends to running entire factories filled with cutting-edge assembly-line technology, Ford’s combination of imaginative vision and practical business management is extremely inspiring. Having had a taste of devising my own forward-thinking mode of transport, however primitive, I am more determined than ever that I must achieve a good university education and form a solid foundation for a successful career in the competitive and scientific world that is modern engineering. Developing my established skills and honing expertise, I will work as hard and consistently as I am able to emerge with the best possible results and the abilities necessary to realise my own long-term career goals.

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