Engineering Personal Statement 3

Sample Engineering Personal Statement

I have always loved mathematics, chemistry and physics, and outside the classroom I have always been fascinated by how machinery works. I have a very scientific and technical mind, as well as an unquenchable curiosity that leads me wherever possible to make use of this knowledge to understand the technology of the world around me. This interest in all things related to engineering has extended outside of the classroom and taken the form of me reading widely on different engineering sectors and watching documentaries that explain feats of engineering and the science behind cars and other machines.

The area of engineering that most interests me is the field of mineral extraction. This area has had an enormous impact on the world that we live in today. I have seen first-hand how the extraction of oil from the North Sea has transformed parts of Scotland, bringing new prosperity to several areas of the country. Since the twentieth century humans have become increasingly dependent on fossil fuels, and this trend is unlikely to change in the future.

However, what interests me most about fossil fuel extraction is its technical side. I never fail to be amazed with some of the technological advances that have been pioneered to extract gas and oil from increasingly difficult and inhospitable parts of the earth. I am highly motivated to gain the technical expertise required to work in this area so that I can one day be at the forefront of petroleum engineering, as well as help to satisfy the developed world’s on-going need for fossil fuels. My interest in doing this has only been increased by unfortunate events such as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, which show us that there is still much to be done with regards to developing petroleum engineering to prevent such disasters in the future.

I am a very hard-working individual, and this is reflected by the wide range of work experience that I have gained in recent years. At the moment I have two different jobs. I work at a local grocery, where I am in charge of tracking stock levels and ensuring that the shop floor is always provided with an appropriate level of goods. This job has sharpened my mental arithmetic abilities and also helped me to develop excellent communication and teamwork skills. I also do a milk round for a local dairy, which I carry out before the school day begins. I enjoy the responsibility of this position, and I feel that it has helped me to stick to deadlines and always uphold work commitments.

I also like to work under my own initiative, and this aspect of my character led me to work as a part-time sole trader during the summer, mowing lawns for residents of my village. This work also had a certain link to engineering, as I was responsible for maintaining a mower. Over the course of the summer I developed a detailed understanding of its components and how it worked. Working with a local building contractor this summer also gave me a further practical experience of mechanical engineering. Through this position I came into contact with various pieces machinery used in construction, and enjoyed learning more about them from other members of the construction team. This work also helped me to understand the value of hard work and the satisfaction of working with others.

I have enjoyed being involved in a range of extracurricular activities. In the past, I have participated in the Prince’s Trust Enterprise Award, and also enjoyed completing the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, especially because it allowed me to gain a range of practical skills and help out in my local community. I also enjoy swimming, and am the captain of my local swimming team. This position has led me to be involved with helping to teach younger children how to swim, an experience that I found highly rewarding.

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