Engineering Personal Statement

Sample Engineering Personal Statement

I have always been fascinated by the way in which mechanisms and devices function. Engineering, the interplay between elements that combines to form a complex system is an inspiration to me and has ultimately motivated me to perform well in related disciplines. Alongside the practical satisfaction of design and building, which constitute the end point of the engineering process, the fact that the field encompasses many other disciplines, such as maths, physics and IT, means that it is both varied and intellectually stimulating. As such, engineering offers a unique opportunity to explore both theoretical and applied knowledge in a field that impacts on all of our lives.

Despite being in the position of living alone and having to support myself financially I have worked hard to ensure that my academic performance has remained strong across all subjects areas; demonstrating a dedicated, hardworking attitude to study and the ability to take responsibility for my own performance. Predicted straight A or A* grades at A-level, I have concentrated my studies on my strongest subjects, and those most closely related to engineering, such as Maths and Physics, laying a strong foundation for further study at undergraduate level.

While it is necessity that has forced me to pursue regular employment, I have also gained skills from my work experiences that will help me to achieve my goals at university and beyond. Conscientious and meticulous, with the ability to work well as part of a team and to structure my work around my study commitments, I have already experienced the pressures of creating my own timetable and working within strict deadlines. In addition to the skills learnt through unrelated work experience, I have arranged a summer internship at a company specialising in metal working, structural and mechanical engineering. Taking part in their various projects, will prove a valuable opportunity to experience engineering projects first hand and to observe the context in which modern engineers work.

My extra-curricular activities also demonstrate my dedicated, positive attitude to hard work. Selected by my head of year as a Senior Sixth Form Mentor and Prefect, I have been responsible for maintaining the school library and taking one-on-one reading sessions with pupils form the lower age groups. Assigned to mentor one Year 7 in particular, I have arranged weekly meetings with him to discuss any academic and personal problems that may arise. This has improved my communication, leadership and interpersonal skills and has proven an extremely valuable opportunity to apply the lessons I have learnt through overcome my own personal challenges to assist others.

In my spare time I also indulge my interest in mathematics and am looking forward to taking part in the Senior Maths Challenge this term. As a keen sportsman I also play in defence for the school football team and took responsibility for navigation and route planning for the hiking element of the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Scheme.

Having shown myself to be an extremely hardworking student with the ability to perform in related disciplines, I believe that I have demonstrated the necessary aptitude and knowledge to succeed at undergraduate level and beyond. Ultimately, it is my enthusiasm for engineering and design and my aspirations to gain the ability to play a valuable role within the field that will drive me to perform to the same high level in undergraduate study and beyond.

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