Emergency Care Practitioner Personal Statement

Example Emergency Care Practitioner Personal Statement

Currently in the first year of a nursing degree, I am very much enjoying the course; however, I find that I am increasingly thinking of it in terms of the transferable skills it can offer to enable me to pursue my real passion, pre-hospital care. I have had a keen interest in the ambulance service for several years and have watched as the role of paramedics in the healthcare system has changed significantly, adapting with the introduction of Emergency Care Practitioners and others with advanced skill sets. The move towards care in the community and treat-and-refer schemes is particularly appealing to me as a socially-conscious individual. It is an exciting time to commit to the vocation and, having held a number of relevant positions based across various countries over the years, I feel I have now reached the right level of professional maturity to pursue the career that will allow me to fulfil my true potential.

An invaluable history of employment as an Ambulance Care Assistant has equipped me with an insider understanding of how ambulance services operate and I possess firsthand insights into the realities of the field. One of the chief skills I learned on this job was the importance of clear, calm communication and I am confident interacting with patients, healthcare professionals, wider agencies and the general public. Balancing workloads and focusing under pressure has become second nature. I am also able to innovate when problem-solving, which was demonstrated on many occasions as I managed an outdoor adventure centre in France and was routinely granted sole charge of the facilities and the three hundred guests (great trust was placed in my responsible and committed approach). I undertook First Aid duties on the large site and provided conscientious care for customers suffering injuries. Utilising my own initiative, I also created and satisfied the role of night-time ‘duty manager’ in order to deal with illness and other emergency issues more effectively. I showed the highest levels of self-motivation and organisation in order to meet targets and, coordinating a team of fifty, I was consistent in my positivity as a leader. Furthermore, I have volunteered for the St Andrews Ambulance Association providing First Aid cover for public events and was able to apply theory that I had researched independently in hands-on ways. Such practical demonstration of my dedication to joining the ambulance service is supported by my completion of an IAM Advanced Driving Course and the category D1 and C driving exams. I have also worked as a multi-drop driver and these talents for navigating and address-finding may prove useful in improving response times to incidents.

My reliable and hardworking attitude extends to my personal life, as I have recently completed the demanding task of renovating a small house (complete with insulation, wiring and plumbing). I involve myself in hobbies that demand a certain amount of discipline and physical fitness; outdoor rock-climbing, walking and canoeing. I find that these activities, although challenging, help me to unwind after a stressful day. Occasionally undertaking charity projects with the Cyrenians, I have recently supervised their annual ‘sleepout’ fundraising event. All my work experiences and personal interests have served to strengthen my resolve to train as a paramedic and, whilst I view ambulance crewing as a very worthwhile and rewarding job, I am under no illusions that it is not a tough occupation. Although all calls are not high-adrenaline chases as the media would have us believe, paramedics are often dealing with an uncooperative public in the very worst of circumstances. My skills and qualities, whether hard-won or inherent in my nature, have given me an excellent foundation on which to build expertise. I am confident that, should I be permitted to enrol on your unique course, I would be able to use the opportunity to achieve success both as a student and in my future career.

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