Electrical and Electronic Engineering Personal Statement

Sample Electrical and Electronic Engineering Personal Statement

From a very young age Mathematics and Physics have always been subjects close to my heart. Electrical and Electronics Engineering is the most viable option to realise my dream of contributing to a field which has an impact on all of our daily lives. It is one of the few fields in which a small advancement, such as in fabrication or integration, can make a big difference. I therefore wish to study Electronics Engineering with the aim of becoming part of the next technological revolution that shapes the way we live and think. It is my belief that electronic circuits are the primary reason that the number of patents filed each year has increased dramatically over the last few decades and so to be a part of their development would be an incredibly rewarding situation, as it would allow me to apply my logical, methodical work ethic to a creative endeavour focused on improving lives.

My interest in this course arose from the love I have for electricity, particularly as regards its transmission over long distances and its conversion into various forms of energy in the field of Power Electronics. I have been able to pursue my interest throughout my previous course by reading different articles and journals. From this reading I have learnt that Electrical Engineering deals with the problems associated with large-scale electrical systems, such as power transmission, while Electronic Engineering focuses on the study of small-scale electronic systems, including computers and integrated circuits. I have found that studying for my Level 5 HND has demonstrated an aptitude for both aspects, culminating in my final project being selected to represent my college for the annual award for the best project to come out of Northern Irish colleges.

My desire to study in the UK is based on my own experiences of studying here and the fact that it has a very high standard of education, prestigious universities and a peaceful and hospitable environment which is conducive to learning and research and also welcoming to international students.

I have also been lucky enough to gain employment training, which has allowed me to utilise some of my skills and interests in a target-based environment. Undertaking a Train4Life course in PC Hardware and Maintenance not only allowed me to get to gain communication and teamwork skills but also exhibited the practical application of computing and electronics workplace and the essential nature of their place within the contemporary workplace.

My hobbies include watching and playing chess and I also partake in various exercises and sporting activities, such as athletics and bodybuilding. From each of these I have gained the ability to focus on tasks, setting both long and short term goals, while chess has also improved my ability to think through strategy logically, mulling over each outcome before proceeding.

Having proven myself to be both an excellent student and a good potential employee in a related field, I feel that an Electrical and Electronic Engineering course would be the best possible way in which I could further my passion for higher education and prepare myself for my career beyond.

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