Education Studies Personal Statement

Sample Education Studies Personal Statement

For some years I have been keen to pursue a career in Primary Education, as I believe that active participation in child development is integral in shaping their world-view and intellectual curiosity; I am particularly interested in specialising in teaching Mathematics, my strongest subject and one which is instrumental in developing skills for everyday use. I have completed my Access to Education Studies Diploma and gained Level 2 City & Guilds certificates in Adult Literacy and Numeracy, and am keen to embark on a Primary Education course and extend my work experience on placement, before consolidating my studies with a Masters. It is my ambition to one day return to Africa to teach and uphold education standards for those in need.

I am currently undertaking a voluntary work placement at a primary school, and have found the varied daily interactions have only deepened my enthusiasm. Experiencing the different methods used in the classroom to best communicate new concepts is intriguing: the use of flash cards aids visual learners, whilst traditional reciting methods have been successful for others. This flexible approach to education has also been key to my volunteer work at a local Sunday school, where I help teach stories and ideas through role-play and mentor children at different learning stages. In attempting to maximise the educational value of the lessons through a creative approach, I have learned strategies that will be of great use in my future career, as well as patience and tenacity in communication.

I previously worked within the hospitality industry as a five-star hotel supervisor, after beginning my career as a cleaner and maid. Achieving this position of responsibility and ensuring the smooth management of the hotel was a proud achievement and proved to me that through hard work and commitment, I could achieve anything I set my mind to. In completing my GCSE and City & Guilds qualifications in the UK, I have particularly enjoyed the opportunities for debate and intellectual engagement in Psychology and Sociology GCSEs, as well as my own favourite subject – Maths. I have also honed my abilities to communicate with my peers and produce a reasoned argument or successful team project, which will be integral in working with other staff members to uphold an optimal learning environment. In order to maximise my communication and organisational skills in a worthwhile community role, I volunteer with the “Know for Sure” scheme in my local borough, and help promote sexual health education through referring community members for free check-ups, distributing leaflets, and giving out free contraception. Working with the vulnerable is one of my key passions and I am a member of AAFRO, supporting disadvantaged women and asylum seekers of African origin. I have found speaking Acholi, a native Ugandan language, as well as English and basic Swahili, useful in breaking down barriers to communication and ensuring that people get the help they need regardless of their background.

In my spare time I am a member of my local church choir and am looking forward to the annual international singing competition in France, both for the opportunity to sing and the chance to hone my French language skills. I have also always loved sport, and while completing my A-Levels I competed in athletics and basketball, which demonstrated the importance of effective time management as well as personal relaxation.

Seeing a child understand a new concept and broaden their perspective is incomparably rewarding, and qualifying as a teacher will allow me to make a positive contribution to the lives of young people wherever I go. I can think of no more worthwhile outlet for my natural compassion and commitment, and look forward to the challenges of academia and diverse experiences ahead.

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