Education Personal Statement

Sample Education Personal Statement

After some years in the workplace and considerable experience of the world of employment, it has become increasingly clear to me that my real interests lie in education, and particularly in teaching and guiding the very young. One of the formative influences on my thinking has been the birth and development of my niece, who is now five years old. The pace and range of her learning has amazed me. I have watched her gain language and basic numeracy skills and listened to her tales of nursery and school and of the way she has come to relate to her peers, to such an extent that I have come to understand that there can be no more important, nor more fulfilling, role than that of the mentor and teacher. Nurturing a child’s development is an occupation that offers huge satisfaction, both intellectual and emotional. My ambition is to be in charge of a classroom, to introduce ideas and skills to the class and observe and feel their response. The teacher’s skills of good communication, patience, clarity and the ability to explain the world are very demanding of one’s intelligence and one’s personality, but I feel confident that I have these abilities and am excited at the thought of spending my career in this way.

I know that the primary school teacher must master many areas of knowledge that I have yet to cover. I have read widely about the early years foundation stage of learning, and have familiarised myself with the current curricula and school policies. I appreciate the importance of having total respect for children, and how one must be aware of the different needs of individual learners. The teacher must recognise social, cultural and linguistic diversity within a school. He or she needs to set realistic and achievable goals, to plan efficiently and to record progress, and must be able also to work with other adults, including parents. There is much for me to learn, but the prospects are very inviting.

I am at present on a work placement at a primary school in Ealing, working towards an NVQ to become a teaching assistant. I spend two days a week with the nursery and foundation classes, which has given me the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of the school environment. I supervise lunch, emphasising and maintaining hygiene amongst the children, and in the classroom I have learnt much about behaviour management and the problems presented by those with special needs. I have had the chance to design, complete and assess assignments with pupils, and I have learnt above all the value of patience and understanding. The whole experience has served to confirm my decision to become a teacher at this level. My earlier working life included some useful contact with children as a cabin attendant with Qatar Airways, where I was given the responsibility of supervising and escorting minors on flights. I had to explain the emergency procedures to them in a readily accessible manner, ensure their safety and comfort. It involved contact with many people, particularly children, and developed my communication skills and my powers of organisation. My work in the retail business also called for initiative, teamwork and responsibility.

My interests include travelling, learning languages and positive self development. I was an American Girl Scout as a teenager, and would very much like to become a troop leader in the UK. I have also been involved in a lot of voluntary work and environmental and community projects.

My greatest virtues are, I believe, my powers of patience, my kind temperament and my generosity of spirit, all important qualities of the good teacher I very much hope to become. I would like ultimately to use my qualifications to join an international school in the Middle East and teach early years children. I am honest and straightforward, always ready to roll up my sleeves and get on with the job, and my commitment to my planned career is total. I hope you will consider my application.

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