Education Personal Statement

Sample Education Personal Statement

As the first person in my traditionally business focussed family to go to University, I felt unable to say, whilst studying for my e-Commerce BSC that I actually wanted to use my passion and ability in business to teach. But since graduating with first class honours and then working in the business world for five years, I have acquired both the confidence and conviction I needed then to set out on becoming an excellent teacher. I would like to use my passion, creativity, experience and strong work ethic to make a success of my PGCE course. My goal is to become a qualified teacher, then later a head of department and overall, to inspire young people studying Business Studies and ICT.

I have always enjoyed working with my nieces and nephews, helping them with reading and homework. I find that I can relate to them about their experiences of school and that together we are able to make homework fun, by being creative about the problems and the explanations of things they find more difficult to remember or to understand. Whilst travelling in Kenya, I spent time at an orphanage, which highlighted for me the value of education and the importance of the education system we have in the UK. Based on my initial experience of working with children I wanted to find out more about secondary school education and I was delighted to be accepted for a school placement to learn more about the secondary syllabus and different teaching techniques. My time with Park High School is due to finish in early December and I look forward to building on what I have leaned about teaching large numbers of students, dealing with difficult behaviour whilst also catering for individual progress. I’m especially interested to learn more about teaching techniques for Business Studies and what makes a great lesson plan. I like how applicable Business Studies is, there are skills within the subject that can be of great use to students whatever their later profession. I would hope to have an opportunity in the future to contribute to new course content, the development of exciting materials and perhaps even to write a book

Training employees, quickly became one the most interesting parts of my job after graduating. I managed 12 employees and I enjoyed helping new staff to understand company practice, leading training sessions for my company. It was clear to management that I was good at training, communications and engaging with people; I was later made responsible for all the hiring and firing of staff in the company, personnel issues and customer communications.

I’m looking forward to the intensity of the PGCE course. I’m happy that such a large proportion of my time will be spent in school. I’m very accustomed to working long hours, currently I work around 55-60hours a week and although I now want to leave the office environment, I’m keen to transfer some of the skills it has given me to my work for this course. At University, I was voted most organised student and I have certainly built on skills such as these skills in work. I also look forward to using my experience of the business world to help students relate to their studies. I have been very successful in my role, and I have a number of positive experiences to share. I implemented a website and search engine marketing for my company, which has a great impact on company turnover. I also recently secured a £75k 3 year contract. I think personal experience of Business and ICT, using real and interesting examples can make my teaching more relevant and more memorable for students. I would also be interested in using my fluency in Gujarati and my understanding of different cultures, if required, as well as the study skills I learned working towards the 1st I was awarded for my degree.

I want to use my hard work, positive thinking, an approachable, engaging character and a great deal of drive and enthusiasm to make a success of this PGCE course and my subsequent career as a teacher.

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