Education Personal Statement

Sample Education Personal Statement

Excellent teachers not only aspire to support children throughout their learning but also to inspire them to achieve their potential in other aspects of their lives. Having grown-up surrounded by such teachers and having been active in caring for my younger sister, I have observed and experienced the rewards that playing such an influential role can entail, as well as the many challenges. While studying and working in Primary Education may require large amounts of commitment, drive and character, it also offers an exciting opportunity to play a key role in shaping the next generation, which is a real privilege.

As a dedicated older sister, I have often helped out with my younger sibling and cousins, so it was perhaps inevitable that I would undertake work experience at my younger sister’s school. During my time there, I helped with Art, Reading and Craft lessons, learning a great deal about different teaching techniques and the challenges of balancing educational goals with pastoral care. I shadowed teachers across a range of ages and participated in the educational process whenever possible. I particularly enjoyed helping children with their reading, using my natural patience and understanding. Realising the role that teachers play in transmitting this essential skill made me, once again, aware of their importance in the shaping of the their pupils’ future. Thanks to the generous help and encouragement of the teaching staff, I left my placement with both a strong endorsement from the headmistress and a palpable sense of achievement which has made me secure in the knowledge that teaching is the right career for me. I have also taken every opportunity to learn more about teaching and to place myself in positions of responsibility throughout my own schooling. Older pupils are encouraged to ‘buddy’ with younger pupils, and guiding these students through periods of great change demonstrated how important the personal wellbeing of children is in the educational process. I have also assisted at Open Days, Parent’s Evenings and Fundraising Events, demonstrating maturity, commitment and organisation to help reflect the values of my school.

Moving to Dubai has been a life-changing experience, which has made me fully appreciate the role of education in shaping our lives. With so many different nationalities and cultures co-existing in one place, within a society that is divided between those driven by greed and those living in desperate poverty, the role that access to education plays in defining this society has never been more obvious. By shadowing teachers at my current school, Dubai British School, with its particular diverse challenges and needs, I have observed a number of different teaching techniques in response to changing classroom dynamics, with no two days, or even lessons, being quite the same.

Outside of my interests in education, I have also been prepared to accept positions of responsibility. Waitressing taught me about working independently, as part of a team, and communicating with colleagues and customers. As the Captain of my Year 11 Hockey Team, leadership and motivational skills were very important, as was communicating with my team on an off the pitch. Proud of being a trustworthy friend, an excellent listener and a true confidante, I have found that these qualities have been as important in my working and sporting life as they have in my personal life.

The obvious demands and challenges of teaching require a great deal of energy and enthusiasm to overcome. The rewards, however, in the form of playing an influential role in the lives of your pupils, are equally obvious. As a dedicated, organised, resourceful and confident student, it would be a pleasure and a privilege for me to undertake further study in the field and, ultimately, become an influential and appreciated teacher, and role model, for my future students.

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