Education Personal Statement

Sample Education Personal Statement

My choice to embark on a career as a PE teacher is not surprising. I have always had an interest in sport, as spectator and competitor. At school I was a keen gymnast, achieving significant success both at county and national level. I also enjoyed martial arts, obtaining my black belt in Kickboxing. I learnt a variety of skills through physical activity, building knowledge and understanding of teamwork and individual confidence through skiing, which became a true sporting passion and set me on a path that saw me train for a diploma. At 25, it was time for a change in direction. An opportunity to return to one of my early loves, martial arts, presented itself and I began teaching and grading young students. This gave me further teaching experience and reaffirmed my desire to pursue this career. My passion for martial arts endures to this day.

I was fortunate enough to have a number of inspirational teachers when I was at school and believe I too could inspire young people. Good teaching is about having the right core skills; discipline, planning, confidence, patience and tenacity. Well thought out lesson plans and effective strategy for dealing with challenging students are also an essential part of teaching. Two experiences have helped me hone these. Firstly, I was fortunate enough to train with the Merchant Navy at their flagship college. This intensive course instils all these skills in the successful participants. Secondly, I spent the years immediately prior to joining UCLAN running two successful businesses, requiring excellent organisational skills, ruthless time management and a creative flair; all of which will transfer into teaching.

I undertook a 120 hour placement in a local high school where I was actively involved in many teaching sessions. I observed how teachers improved the quality of life of the pupils, making me recognize the importance of the role. It was also impressive how the teachers employed a range of styles and teaching strategies, such as autocratic and discovery learning, in order to provide for different abilities, attainment levels, needs and age. Observing how achievement was measured by various National Curriculum objectives. I learnt how to review, analyse, compare, and evaluate their work, and how more pupil-centred and less direct teaching would allow pupils to be more independent and have an active role in decision making.

PE modules and coaching pedagogy have been the most rewarding part of university, due to the practical element of the learning process. We students had huge involvement in the planning process; from critical reflection, developing transferable skills, decision making, and evaluating and improving our performance. This has developed my subject knowledge enormously and the transferable skills will vastly enhance my performance in the classroom. I have also registered on many sports coaching courses, i.e. Football level 1 and Athletics. I am working on an independent study project on Dyslexia and Dyspraxia in sport and how this affects children’s progression, something I would like to explore in the classroom.

After undertaking a placement I feel more strongly than ever that not only do I want to teach but that I can be sort of teacher I hope my children will be lucky enough to encounter on their own educational journey. I am really looking forward to the next year’s challenges; challenges I don’t underestimate, but challenges I am ready for if you will give me the opportunity.

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