Education Personal Statement

Sample Education Personal Statement

Enthusiasm for learning and teaching, work experience and natural ability to connect with children, are qualities I have, which I believe make me an ideal candidate to embark on the Primary Education degree. I am fascinated with the human developmental capacity to learn new skills and knowledge. I am keen to further understand child psychology, care and education. This course offers me the opportunity to fulfil my desire to make a real and enduring difference to the lives of individual children and the community.

To confirm Primary Education is the right career path, I have undertaken a range of work experience to fully understand the role of a teacher, classroom management and primary school environments.

During my work experience with Key Stage 1 children, I was responsible for assisting individual children and small groups. Activities included reading and telling stories, spelling, maths, arts and crafts and physical education. I was also involved in creating displays, talking and listening to children, assisting with motor and coordination skills. One-to-one support for a child with a learning disability has highlighted the need to fully understand the limitations children may have and how to adapt techniques, which work best to help them succeed in tasks. I developed my communication skills with children, by assessing their abilities and creating engaging ways to present information, so it is clear and accessible. Observing how the teaching staff plan, cooperate and communicate with each other, shows a high level of team work, trust and order for a successful teaching environment. My creativity, reliability and enjoyment of working with others are skills I can bring to University and as a teacher. Following this enjoyment of primary school education, I have been assisting in another local primary school since the beginning of the academic year.

I have also gained experience at Key Stage 2, giving me insight in to teaching an older age range of children. I was involved in assisting in large capacity classes, assisting pupils who required extra support, from basic French, reading activities and history to ensuring safe break times. Assisting with a Roman art display reflected how pupils transfer what they have learnt, in a creative and physical way. I had the opportunity to see how lessons were planned, created and implemented, but also adapted to suit the class. Being positive, enthusiastic and approachable allowed for children to assimilate new ideas and concepts with ease. My work experience has highlighted the demands, challenges and rewards for teaching in primary school, where I believe I will be most effective.

In my free time, I enjoy playing sports such as hockey and netball. Skills such as teamwork, strategy and strength are key for a challenging and enjoyable game. During the summer holidays, I assist with coaching hockey to children age nine to eleven. Knowledge, enthusiasm and patience were reflected when demonstrating new hockey skills and techniques. It is particularly rewarding to umpire a match and see how much the children have improved. Sharing my abilities has shown that hockey brings people together for teamwork and how young people enjoy challenges. I am also a keen long distance runner, finishing top 5 in the Annual Steeplechase event. I believe regular physical exercise is important for keeping the body and mind in shape, to allow for greater focus while teaching.

Work experience, personal development and self-directed learning reflect my proactive approach to becoming an effective classroom teacher and education leader. I wish to bring my passion for learning and teaching to university, while working with likeminded peers. Conscientious, diligent and resilient are key traits I can use to my advantage as a student and leader of education. I am committed to contributing, improving and making a difference the education of future generations.

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