Education Personal Statement

Sample Education Personal Statement

I firmly believe there is no role in society more crucial than that shapes children lives and prepares them for adulthood My desire to teach has been developed around an ethos of making a difference in young people’s lives. My own education had a strong influence on me as the teachers I encountered including my parents who were also teachers had left an imprint on me with regard to their ability and dedication to inspire and to educate children.

My aspiration to teach science has been nurtured over the course of my early education. Science is an important tool for young people as this knowledge will relate and give us the meaning of each part of our day-to-day life.

I have had a great and enjoyable few years working which have enabled me not only to develop a high standard of understanding in Science but also an excellent experience in developing interpersonal skills, leadership and character.

Experience is a crucial area to develop further ideas about teaching. Currently I am working as physics technician in a secondary school where I am spending most of my time observing and helping out with mostly Physics and a few Chemistry and Biology both practical and teaching lessons.

During these lessons, I have seen many challenging situation with in the classrooms and observed how it has been dealt with. Each day is a different experience which has develop my learning curve.

Recently I undertook a short training on behaviour for learning as well as health and safety. Most of all I am very much involved with the running of Physics A/level Practical lessons within the class room either demonstrating or assisting them with ICT support. I also take a major part in As/level Assessments and Practical exams. I have worked alongside teaching staff whilst the

21st century Science was introduced to the school I am currently working at and so I am aware of the Key stage 4 scheme of work to a great extent.

My decision to apply to a secondary level is based not only upon my wish to teach Science but I believe that secondary school level is most important in a young person’s development. It is here where I want to implement the ethos of making a difference in vulnerable young people’s lives. I have had a few inspirational teachers during my experience at the school which has helped me to turn into the person I am today, which I wish to emulate this inspiration to others.

In my spare time, I enjoy working with a youth and junior church group run by our local church. I have also staged performances of Skits and Plays during festive seasons and for other special Charity events. I consider myself as a motivated, dynamic person who is an excellent team player. If you present me with the opportunity, I feel that I can bring a great deal to the teaching profession.

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