Education Personal Statement

Sample Education Personal Statement

My motivation to teach was sparked by some inspirational school teachers who had an infectious enthusiasm and energy. They used practical an interactive methods to ensure all students, from the brightest to the less academic played an equally valued involvement and filled us all with the self-belief that we could achieve success. I would love to one day have this kind of influence on the development of the next generation, starting out as a foundation year teacher and ultimately progressing to head of year.

My work as a teaching assistant in an art department earlier this year confirmed my ambition to become a teacher. I loved building a great working relationship with the children as I encouraged them to express their creative side. Every day was different, and though the children’s behaviour was challenging at times, I learnt how to adapt and eagerly anticipated the start of each morning. This role taught me the value of lesson preparation and patience. In addition to timetabled classes, I also assisted the weekly Community Art Project, bringing together children from four local state schools. I helped the students create a fairy tale puppet show, drawing on my theatrical background. At two after school Art activities I also assisted children in their research, designs and creations. I feel the Graduate Teaching Programme would best enable me to learnt the skills I need to progress in this field because of its practical, hands on approach.

My academic and employment background is both highly creative and practical, preparing me well for a career in teaching. I studied a Film, Radio and Television degree, during which I was involved in the making of four films and two animations. This required excellent communication and organisational skills in order to work in a close-knit team to meet tight deadlines. As a producer I was responsible for obtaining funding, making a low budget stretch as far as possible, making health and safety assessments and compiling detailed shot lists. When disagreements arose between crew members I was able to quickly and efficiently diffuse the situation.

I remained in this field for a while after graduating, working as a receptionist/runner at at a production company. However, my work there as a voice over for children’s cartoon pilots made me realise that the career path that would give me the greatest sense of achievement would be to work with children. I therefore took a big risk, leaving this secure employment during the recession, in order to pursue my dream.

As a teacher, I look forward to playing a role far beyond the scope of the curriculum. Throughout my school education I was heavily involved in drama. In Year 13, as Drama Prefect I took part in six productions, ranging from Stage Manager to Lighting and Sound. I was responsible for acting as a means of communication between staff and students, and between actors and crew. I would love to impart my knowledge and skills in my future teaching career.

I am a highly self-motivated and determined individual, who always strives to complete any task to the highest standard. My practical ability enables me to quickly learn new skills and adapt to new environments. I love working within a team to motivate others, am personable, enthusiastic and have a good sense of humour. I look forward to the challenges that lay ahead, and am confident I have what it takes to succeed in teaching.

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