Economics Personal Statement

Sample Economics Personal Statement

The Seoul G20 Summit marked a shift in global policy towards taking steps to recover and rebuild; for me, it was a summer volunteering in Malawi which cemented my own desire to contribute to this global effort to attain harmony and sustainability. Observing the severity of the economic disparity between First and Third World nations illustrated to me the need for social responsibility upheld by international cooperation. Having studied Geography and Economics at A-Level, I have been inspired to pursue these subjects combined at degree level to maximise my future career opportunities, as their interdisciplinary nature spans topical issues from the environment to industry and society. I am currently on a gap year placement and feel that my year in industry will help equip me with the analytical and communication skills to pursue a career in economics, with a view to become CEO of a blue-chip corporation with the reach to help preserve our whole world- both physical and social.

During my A-Levels I gained 90% in Macroeconomics, having taken a particular interest in the global economy. I am intrigued by cooperative initiatives such as the G20 MAP to provide a framework for sustainable growth across nations and handle destabilising imbalances such as the Greece debt crisis; I am also interested in ecological sustainability, increasingly highlighted through initiatives such as the G20 Business Summit, which proposed increased corporate responsibility and green measures. I enjoy keeping abreast of these developments through my weekly subscription to The Economist and eagerly await the outcome of the Cannes summit to observe the G20’s next moves in implementing their aims. I also enjoyed reading Meredith’s “The Elephant and the Dragon”, which explored the explosive growth of China and India over the last century and the implications for their global competitors, and will only become more relevant as growth continues.

I undertook work experience at a New York bank and in my diverse activities, from team support to using the Bloomberg system, I began to understand the complex aims and objectives of a financial organisation. My placement with an independent financial advisory firm imparted specialist knowledge of private client asset management, and I utilised my ICT skills to create the company’s website, which I still maintain today. I went on to gain one of 20 places on the Futures Programme at IBM, where I am based in delivery management for the a major company account, and gaining valuable experience in data analysis and six sigma methodologies up to Green Belt level. I have also enjoyed the varied opportunities to present the work of IBM at university careers fairs and assessment centres for 2012 Futures, and my communication skills and confidence have greatly improved as a result.

Whilst in Malawi I climbed Mt Mulanje, one of Africa’s highest peaks, and found that it is only when we are pushed to our limits that we are truly tested. I have almost completed my DofE Silver Award and acted as MD of a Young Enterprise company at school; both leadership and teamwork skills were paramount in our collective successes, and I also enjoyed fulfilling my role as House Captain at school, as organising events and mentoring younger pupils taught me to adapt my skills to a wide range of people and their needs. I am very active in Netball and recently played in the Leeds Carnegie NTL squad, after gaining full school colours as well as Umpiring and Coaching Level 1s, to extend my abilities to others.

The implications of global social, political and ecological policies are far-reaching and the outcomes will test cooperation as a means of effective international governance and management. Through a joint degree I will gain a strong interdisciplinary knowledge of the most pressing issues faced by our institutions, and thereby achieve success in a career which will allow me to make my own contribution to the building of a more sustainable future.

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