Economics Personal Statement

Sample Economics Personal Statement

As a strong student across a range of disciplines, I believe that I have shown that I have what it takes to achieve the same high standard throughout undergraduate study. In addition to my previous academic track record, I believe that my strong interest in the field of business management will motivate me to achieve even better results where possible. Business and management are fascinating areas due to the fact that they influence the lives of so many of us, whether we are interested in them or not. Without a solid understanding of the principles of how businesses work one can be condemned to only live your life in reaction to these processes, rather than being able to influence them in any way. As a strong student with an entrepreneurial spirit, I see undergraduate study as my opportunity to learn the knowledge and skills necessary to run my own business.

As stated previously, I have shown myself to be a strong student across a range of subjects throughout my schooling. I achieved grades 4 and 5 in all of my subjects, with 4 being equivalent to a good performance and 5 being excellent. While I enjoyed a rounded education I always found that I would get the most pleasure from, and the highest grades in, those subjects about which I am most passionate. In this sense, mathematical and analytical subjects such as maths, sciences and economics proved to be my strongest suits and laid the foundation for further study in the field of business and management. Having progressed from school to further study in business and management, I completed a level four course that contained modules on Corporate management In Action, Organizational Resource Management, Leadership and Change Management, Management of Finance Resource and Performance, and Business Strategy. For each of these modules I gained high grades, ranging from the 69% to 81%. Having gained a strong grounding in the core principles that have shaped the field through this course, I believe that I am more than adequately prepared for further study.

Choosing to study in the UK has not been an easy decision, not least because it requires studying in a second language. That said, I have always been interested in other languages and cultures and consider myself to be fluent in Russian, Azerbaijanian, Turkish and English, while I also have a conversational knowledge of Arabic and Turkmenistanian. In an increasingly globalised business context I believe that it is essential to gain as much knowledge of other cultures and languages as possible. Living and studying in the UK would prove a valuable opportunity to do this and would prepare me for running my own international business in the future.

As you can see from my strong academic performance, I am hardworking, dedicated and focused on achieving my goals. I have honed these attributes throughout my extra-curricular sporting career within Karate. I have trained for many years and have achieved a high standard in the sport, gaining regional and national championships in Azerbaijan, Moscow and Russia. I continue to be passionate about sport and fitness and visit the gym daily. In life as in sport, I believe that adequate preparation and a desire to succeed can allow you to achieve all of your goals. By utilising this attitude throughout undergraduate study and beyond, I believe that I can ultimately become a success.

Having shown dedication to both the broader principles of academic study, and gaining knowledge within the field of business and management particularly, I believe that I have shown I have what it takes to be a success at undergraduate level. Perhaps more importantly, I have also shown the sort of ambition and drive that will allow me to overcome all the potential challenges that studying abroad could present and to come out of the course having had a rewarding and enriching experience that has perfectly prepared me for the world of global finance and business outside of the academy.

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