Economics Personal Statement 3

Example Economics Personal Statement

Studying Economics is not simply about understanding money. It is about understanding the way in which money influences, and is influenced by, a host of other factors, such as psychology, politics and technology. If we take the issues of finding renewable energy sources or national debt, for example, we see how challenges that our societies face are influenced by their economic implications. The realisation of the central place that economics holds in every aspect of our lives drives me to gain a greater understanding of these processes with a view to going someway to influencing them in the future.

As a dedicated and hardworking student, I have gained an interest in Economics through considering its implications in other subjects. Alongside excellent grades in mathematics, which demonstrates my ability to handle the complex calculations, I have a strong interest in sciences. My performance in these subjects suggests a logical approach to problem solving that will prove useful in Economics, while the economic impact of scientific discoveries, such as renewables, has always formed a part of class debates.

Exploring my interests in economics and finance through work experience at Hana Daetoo Securities, I was lucky enough to gain experience of analysing stock markets and observing the statistical factors that influence trading. Work experience within at a medical centre as a General Practitioners assistant allowed me to gain medical skills as well as general administrative skills. I also witnessed patients who felt they must postpone needed surgery due to lack of funds, once again displaying the power of economics to influence lives. As someone who has lived and studied in various countries, including my native South Korea, New Zealand and Australia, it was a privilege to return to my homeland as a Teaching Assistant at an English Institute. In addition to sharing my experiences of studying in a second language, and helping them to gain the required level of fluency, it also offered a chance to witness the differences between cultures.

In my spare time, I read The Economist to keep up with current affairs and developments. I have also recently read 50 Economic Ideas You Need To Know by Edmund Conway and The Cartoon Introduction To Economics: Microeconomics by Klein and Bauman. As I learn more, I have become fascinated by the fact that the vast debts of the wealthiest nations, and I am keen to learn more about their implications.

In addition to indulging my interests in Economics, I have always tried to use my spare time to become involved with my school community. I have played the violin for many years and, in addition to playing with a range of school bands, have held the position of Orchestra Leader and House Music Captain, both of which have required strong communication, leadership and teamwork skills. I have also been an enthusiastic member of the International Club, helping to organise a range of activities to encourage good relationships between Australian and international students, as well as forming part of the school badminton team. My commitment and achievement within these organisations, and my strong academic performance, has led to me leaving school with a number of awards and prizes, including a Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award, a Leadership Diploma and an A.Mus.A Diploma in Violin, to name but a few.

As a committed, determined and hardworking student, I believe that I have shown myself to be an asset to my school through my academic performance and extra-curricular activities. This positive, self-disciplined approach to study will, I hope, allow me to achieve the same level of success at undergraduate level, before continuing on to postgraduate study and ultimately a role within an international organisation such as the World Bank or the OECD that allows me to use my interests and knowledge in the field to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

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