Economics Personal Statement

Sample Economics Personal Statement

Having originally pursued a career in Engineering within the oil and gas industry, I have subsequently found the economic studies that I have undertaken as part of this process more rewarding and have decided to pursue further study in this field. Having gained a strong grounding in Economics throughout my degree courses, and acquired significant work experience that has allowed me to gain first hand knowledge of business and economics in a real world context, I believe I have demonstrated the knowledge, skill and experience necessary to pursue the study of Economics at postgraduate level, despite not currently possessing a degree in the field.

In addition to this increasing academic focus on Economics as my primary object of study, I have also demonstrated significant and long-held interests in the economics of the Middle East. Having lived in the region for much of my childhood, as well as spending a significant portion of my time living, working and studying in Western countries, I have often been struck by the differences between the two areas. The Middle East offers unique opportunities for market expansion, due to the prevalence of developing nations and the major political and social upheavals that are occurring in the region at this point in history. It is necessary to have an excellent understanding of the region and its economics in order to play a role in developing businesses in this region. I believe that this course will offer the perfect complement to my pre-existing knowledge of the area and provide me with the theoretical and practical tools that I need to go into business consultancy role in a Middle Eastern.

While I am aware that I have pursued an alternative course thus far academically, I have also taken every opportunity possible to gain the grounding in Economics that is necessary to progress through to postgraduate level. This is why I have taken the decision to apply for the 2-year course, beginning with the diploma and progressing to the MSc in the second year, in order to fill in the gaps. I am currently studying towards a joint program, consisting of modules in Mechanical Engineering that are based at University College London and modules in Business Finance based at London School of Economics. Through gaining an understanding of the macro and micro level of economics in these modules I have found a passion for the subject that I believe will drive me to do the hard work necessary to transfer my full-time studies to this field. In addition, the heavily mathematical and analytical nature of the rest of my course has, I believe, prepared me to apply the same rigorous, logical approach to problem solving that characterises the study of Economics. The design elements of studying Engineering have also instilled in me the ability to think creatively and make connections between disparate elements that should allow me to use my existing knowledge and skill as a strong foundation for future study.

In an employment context I have demonstrated a consistent commitment to gaining real world experience of business and finance. Through a series of summer internships I have been offered valuable opportunities to see the way in which businesses function in real life and to play a key part in this process. Most recently, between June and August of 2010, I undertook a placement with Petrofac Oil and Gas Company, based in Qatar, Oman and Abu Dhabi. This role involved; managing bank account reconciliation for major projects, ultimately ensuring a bottom line saving; streamlining supplier invoicing; and coordinating logistical movements from suppliers. As you can see, not only did this placement focus more heavily on the business side rather than the Engineering, but it also gave me first-hand experience of working for a major company across several Middle Eastern countries. This followed on from an internship with HSBC in Beirut, which involved assisting with the management of corporate clients and investment portfolios, preparing end of month balance sheets and executing background checks to ensure compliance with fraud legislation. Having undertaken these internships I believe that my real world experience of business and finance in a Middle Eastern context will greatly assist with my ability to get to grips with the same principles in an academic context. Having also spent time in Human Resources and Marketing internships, I have gained a broader sense of how businesses are put together and how they function thanks to good management across departments that will inform further study and my future career.

Outside of work and study I have also proven myself to be a dedicated and well-organised member of my university community. Using excellent time management skills I have undertaken voluntary work tutoring work in Arabic, Maths and Physics, passing on my love of education to younger students. I have also been an active part of the Quant Society at UCL, which aims to assist students with quantitative and scientific research through workshops and interactive talks. The teamwork and time-management skills that I have honed through this experience will prove very useful throughout postgraduate study and my future career.

By bringing together my interests in Economics, Business and the politics and culture of the Middle East, I believe that this course would be an excellent next step on the road to achieving my ultimate career goals within the region. Despite pursuing a different academic path originally, I also believe that I have demonstrated consistent ability and dedication while working hard to gain knowledge and experience as my interest in Economics has continually grown. It is this passion and dedication that will ensure I can perform to the same high standard throughout postgraduate study and beyond.

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