Economics Personal Statement

Sample Economics Personal Statement

Growing up in a country where the interplay of government, business and financial institutions fight for control, I have witnessed decisions which have created a turbulent economy and communities. I am passionate about understanding the problems facing the world, from poverty and unemployment to inflation and the challenge of sustaining economic growth. I aim to explore various economic concepts and theories, and develop a range of skills and knowledge within economics. I believe I am an ideal candidate to study Economics, with my combined interest in economics, experience and personal skills.

Currently pursuing private lessons in Economics, I am gaining a firm grounding in resource management, markets, social economics, sustainability, supply and demand, finance, domestic and international trading. I wish to expand my knowledge in these areas with scientific methods. Higher education will provide modern economic concepts to capture the essential features of the complex world we live. Gaining insight in to microeconomics and macroeconomics will give me the knowledge, tools and forethought for future decisions in my career. I can gain a holistic view of decisions, actions and effects of each variable and apply to future roles.

As an active member of the MUN Club, the school debating association, I discovered a natural talent for presenting arguments in a persuasive manner. Attending a range of local and international conferences including Yehuda and London, I participated in various discussions including financial and economic issues. My writing, presenting and public speaking skills gained advancement, thus being clear, confident and articulate in my views. The MUN club also enhanced my listening skills, by finding tactical arguments or supporting statements. To sustain my knowledge and authority in arguments, I increased my readership of ‘The Marker’ and ‘The Economist’.

During recent attendance to MUN conferences, I was responsible for guiding and advising young delegates. Here, I developed leadership and guidance skills to those new to the concept of debating. The skills I have gained from the club are transferable to studying Economics at University level, whereby I can effectively contribute to seminars. Leadership and teamwork will be important for gaining a broader perspective and group projects.

I am currently organising the first TEDx event in Nazareth. This event requires plenty of research, commitment and flexibility to achieve the objectives. My enthusiasm and determination to make this succeed, will add to the values and morals of my community. The study of Economics will help further my goals for continued promotion to the community for a more prosperous future.

As a receptionist in a luxury hotel, I gained several professional and interpersonal skills. Meeting new people on a daily basis enhanced my communication skills, while developing working relationships with colleagues for positive team work. Understanding the logistics and room allocation, I was able to manage money and understand the importance of its efficient use. The role could be highly pressurised to meet demands of customers and hotel departments, therefore taught me to handle stress, time and resources effectively and professionally. These skills can be applied to university demands.

Having travelled independently to many countries, I am accustomed to entering new countries, learning new customs and meeting new people. Being highly organised, accepting and being decisive in critical circumstances will put me in good stead for the university life. Studying the IELTS course in Oxford, I am confident in learning, participating and submitting assignments in English taught classes.

With my passion for economics, personal skills and determination to succeed, I believe I am an ideal candidate to study Economics. This course provides the next step in my career goals, where I wish to contribute to economic decisions of communities, industries and government.

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