Economics Personal Statement

Iana Kaladzei

My ambition to study for a degree in the area of economics and business has been inspired partly by my recognition of where my own particular talents lie and also by a family background in the commercial world. For over a year I worked during my holidays in our family firm as a management assistant, gaining first-hand practical experience of such things as accounting, the formulation and distribution of documents, communicating with other business staff, sales and marketing. The opportunity to work in a real commercial company and to feel part of a huge industry was inspiring and very fulfilling personally. I felt the excitement of the competitive world of commerce as well as learning much about how a firm works and what is required in the successful entrepreneur. As well as this I recognise in myself the ability to lead, and to confront challenging situations. I have always been a determined and serious-minded individual, valued by those I work with, and I relish the opportunity to confront problems and apply my closest attention and diligence to their solution.

A further factor in my plan to study for a degree in this field is my deep interest in economics questions, which has developed out of my IGCSE courses in Business Studies and Economics. The subject is entirely immediate, in that it deals with the real world and the present moment. It is a riveting time to be an economist. The crisis of 2008 sent previously prosperous countries towards bankruptcy, deprived developing economies of their markets and left poorer countries at the back of the queue. I am deeply interested in the forces which can change the world with such speed and I am eager to explore ways of predicting and perhaps controlling them. I am keen to discover more about the ways markets work and how the economic behaviour of individual consumers can be assessed, as well as the macroeconomic issues of the interaction of the various elements of the economy, the movements of output, unemployment, interest rates and inflation. It strikes me as a science which always has to take into account the question of human unpredictability. I always try to keep abreast of developments in the world of business and economics by following stories in The Economist and The Financial Times, and I am at present reading Adam Smith (in Russian!). I have also read Liz Wiseman’s Multipliers, which describes the sort of inventive and inspiring business leader I should very much like to be myself. I am interested in psychology, too, which will be useful in a business career.

As well as gaining work experience in the family firm, I have worked in several other areas. I spent some of my holidays employed as a library assistant, helping to create the college website and carrying out administrative tasks. This taught me how even a fairly straightforward job calls for a sense of responsibility and commitment. I have also worked as a waitress, handling money and ensuring customer satisfaction. My leisure activities include tennis at school, where I was head coach of the team for several years, responsible for recruiting players, training, and arranging matches. I was the elected class representative, dealing with day-to-day questions raised by fellow pupils, and I helped to run an organisation raising money for the protection of stray animals.

These various experiences have helped me to become self-motivated and to gain the skills needed in resolving problems and disputes. My communication skills are well developed, and I have a number of languages; Russian and Belarusian are my native tongues and English my second language – an extremely useful asset in an increasingly international world and marketplace. I am a versatile and positive individual; I thrive on challenges and remain calm under pressure. I am fully focused on my goal and believe that I have the necessary qualities to become a very successful undergraduate.

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