Economics Personal Statement

Sample Economics Personal Statement

Living through a period of economic turmoil, there is a realisation of just how the financial industry can shape our lives, superseding the common image of tedious pen pushers, and replacing it with a living, vital and inspiring discipline that rewards careful study. Having begun the study of accountancy at school my own increasing interest in the financial world has been supplemented by my aptitude for a discipline that combines elements of mathematics, book-keeping and information technology, all areas in which I have a keen interest, with my ability to apply a methodical approach to problem solving.

Having focused my school studies primarily on mathematically related fields I have always performed best in these subject areas. Gaining strong grades at GCSE in Maths, Statistics and Business and Communication, I was already aware that my enthusiasm for mathematics and economics made them the obvious subjects to pursue. At AS level, I continued my study of Maths while also beginning the specific study of Accounting, laying the groundwork for undergraduate study. I have also continued the study of Information and Communication Technology, which should prove extremely useful, considering the prominent role that technology assumes both in academic and employment contexts.

In addition to my interest and academic experience in the field I have also gained work experience as a teaching assistant, developing skills that should prove useful in future study. Alongside transferable administrative and teamwork skills, taking part in the educational process from a different perspective, and supervising younger pupils, has instilled in me the qualities of responsibility and dedication that will aid me in adopting a similarly hardworking approach to study.

I have also demonstrated my willingness and ability to accept positions of responsibility throughout my school career. As captain of the cricket team for three years, I was responsible for organising training sessions and fixtures. This experience greatly improved my management, administration, leadership and people skills as well as developing my ability to work as part of a team. As a Year 11 prefect, I was also responsible for supervising younger pupils at break and lunchtime and assisting at numerous school events. It is these opportunities to take responsibility for myself and other students, alongside attending a Business Enterprise Day in Year 10, that have fostered both my interest in leadership and management and my self-confidence, and I would be keen to play an equally engaged role at university.

In my spare time I am a keen sportsman, particularly enjoying football, cricket and snooker. While maintaining physical fitness and honing teamwork skills, I also enjoy the mathematical aspects of sport, such as calculating scores and responding tactically, or working out angles in snooker. Alongside more common activities, such as computer gaming, socialising, listening to music and visiting the gym, I also have a keen interest in other cultures and regularly visit museums and travel when I can to learn more about the world. My family have also responded to my keen interest in finance by giving me responsibility for household budgeting, providing a practical incentive, alongside the intellectual, to keep up with the latest economic news through the relevant newspapers.

As a hardworking and enthusiastic student, I have proven myself capable of a strong performance across a range of subject areas. My keen interest in finance and business, however, provides additional motivation to apply these capacities at undergraduate level to ensure that I gain the skill and knowledge I need to reach my ultimate goal of becoming a Chartered Accountant and setting up my own firm.

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