Economics and Spanish Personal Statement

Sample Economics and Spanish Personal Statement

It is my ambition to work as an economist in international banking, using my numerical and linguistic skills to analyse global trends. I believe this degree is therefore the ideal way to launch my career.

At school, my A-level Maths studies and participation in the Senior Maths Challenge have provided me with the ability to analyse data, manipulate variables and quickly perform complex calculations. A-level Spanish and AS Geography have enabled me to be equally proficient with words as with numbers; I have developed clear and persuasive essay-writing skills. My favourite subject however is Economics, which fascinates me because of its permeation into so many aspects of our everyday lives. I have particularly enjoyed studying game theory, and have negotiated a free place at The Economist Risk Summit later this year to hear Dr Lindstadt talk about it.

My interest in Economics spans far beyond the A-level syllabus. The recent economic crisis has particularly caught my attention because of how it illustrates the fragility of the global economy which can so quickly go into global melt-down. I regularly read ‘The Economist’ and the financial press, striving to understand how huge economic powers could allow it to happen and questioning how I would have dealt with the situation had I been in a seat of power. I used my role as Publicity Officer of the School Economics Society to explore this further, by leading a presentation on the austerity measures in Spain and England and the risk of a double-dip recession based on David Smith’s ‘The Age of Instability’. I am keen to learn more about how the financial institutions and their choices can override the policies of governments by studying Economics at degree level.

I want a degree course with an overseas study element because of huge significance of globalisation. I was fascinated by Thomas Friedman’s description in ‘The World is Flat’ about the how financial interdependence and the speed of global communications could produce a domino effect at world-scale. I discussed globalisation at University of London’s Economics Debate Chamber. I also enjoy observing emerging markets, particularly Latin America. A degree in Economics combined with gaining fluency in Spanish would be a powerful combination, opening up exciting international careers opportunities.

I have supplemented these academic interests with a wide range of work experience. I was gripped by the pace of the trading floor at Deutsche Bank and learnt the value of networking and using initiative at the Financial Services Authority. In Finance at Threadneedle Asset Management I analysed data spreadsheets which improved my Excel skills, and leant the importance of accuracy and attention to detail. In HR at NYSE Euronext I attended meetings where client trust and confidentiality were fundamental, and a placement at the Madrid office of Hammonds confirmed my desire to become business-fluent in Spanish. I have also gained practical business experience through my role as Managing Director of our school Wings of Hope team, and through Young Enterprise, where I learnt about budgetary pressures and raised over £4,000 for charity.

My excellent time-management skills enable me to balance my strong academic with a range of extra-curricular pursuits. Duke of Edinburgh Gold and my music grades taught me self-reliance and required determination. I am a qualified pool lifeguard and play for my school lacrosse team. My Saturday job as a housekeeping assistant in a BUPA home for dementia patients has taught me patience, empathy and how to communication in different ways. As a Volunteer Police Cadet for the last two years I have developed assertiveness and leadership qualities whilst supporting my local community.

I am a hard working, tenacious and committed individual who sets high standards to achieve success. I am not afraid of a challenge and I am looking forward to contributing to the academic, social, musical and sporting life of my University.

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