Economics and Finance Postgraduate Personal Statement

Example Economics and Finance Personal Statement

Having grown up in war torn Somalia, you may expect that I have become cynical about the economic greed and self-interest that can pour fuel onto the flames of conflict. In actual fact, working hard, as I have, to pull myself out of this disadvantaged context and to understand the way in which our societies can be positively shaped by an understanding of economics I have instead been enthused by the potential of economic equality to end, rather than prolong, social injustice.

Growing up in such a perilous situation left little opportunity to put my education first throughout my young life. My determination to succeed, however, inspired a move to the UK in 2006, at which point my academic career really started to take flight. Despite working within a different international context I managed to gain good grades at GCSE and went onto perform similarly well at A-level. I have always had an aptitude for numbers and have focused my studies on related subjects, including Maths, Chemistry and Physics, to make sure that I have the understanding necessary to perform high-level economic calculations. Progressing to a degree in Financial Mathematics at the University of Hertfordshire, I have continued to be a dedicated and hardworking student and am currently in line to graduate with first class honours.

In addition to the theoretical understanding of the field that my degree level studies have given me, I have also been lucky enough to gain hands on experience of their application in the real world. Between June and September of 2011 I undertook a summer internship at the Central Bank of Kenya’s School of Monetary Studies. Working alongside senior economic researchers introduced me to the demands of research at the highest levels, as well as deepening my understanding of the creation and implications of economic policy. Seeing how decisions made by the Central Bank can influence the lives of millions increased my fascination with the intricacy of economic systems and my desire to understand them more fully.

This desire has also manifested itself in my extra-curricular activities as I regularly read up on economics and finance in a number of journals, as well as keeping up with current affairs and the changing state of the global economy. I have been particularly interested by the growing field of stochastic processes, which seems ever more relevant in attempting to understand the way in which the markets behave during a period of economic turbulence, rather than clinging to outmoded, ultimately deterministic models. The chance to explore these nuanced elements of economic theory and their application to the real world at postgraduate level is a truly exciting proposition.

When I am not following my interest in economics and finance, I am a keen sportsperson and have played for my university football team for a number of years. Learning to balance my studies with training, and gaining teamwork and communication skills through regular matches, has greatly improved my ability to perform collaborative research off the pitch.

Despite the disadvantages of my upbringing, I have demonstrated a determination and ambition that have made me a strong student in the field of finance and economics. Through study and work experience I have also continued to maintain this level of determination by understanding the effect that these interconnected fields have on all of our lives. Realising their potential for positive impact, I remain determined to gain as much understanding as possible through postgraduate study that I may ultimately implement these principles in making a difference to those areas, like my native country, that need it most.

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