Economics and Finance Personal Statement

Sample Economics and Finance Personal Statement

At a period in history where the effect of economics on the way we live our lives has never been more apparent, or readily discussed, it is unthinkable to me that one might be anything other than excited and enthused by learning more about an arena that structures so much. Indeed, as my own passion for business and economics grew I was so inspired by what I was learning that I switched from Medicine to pursue my real interests at the highest level.

Two years ago, I arrived in the UK having given up my medical studies and determined to follow my true area of interest. Despite the protests of my family and the challenges of living in a foreign country I have not regretted that decision for one minute. Having proven to be a hardworking and disciplined student, studying both Medicine and Dentistry, I have found this ability to be intellectually flexible has allowed me to continue gaining similarly strong marks throughout my subsequent Economics with Banking degree. Having enjoyed a range of modules, I am attracted to continuing my studies at Imperial not only due to its international reputation but also for the modular structure; which will ensure I continue to stretch and challenge myself.

I have also used my degree to explore personal interests in as much as possible. I am currently completing a dissertation on ‘The Effect of Macroeconomic Surprises on High Frequency Euro-US Dollar Exchange Rates’, attempting to modify the EGARCH model and integrate foreign market trends. This has proven both rewarding and challenging, as I am trying to do something that has not been done before. This creative and forward thinking approach not only holds the potential for intellectual reward but, it has been suggested, might also lead to eventual publication. I have also explored my interests in risk and investment whenever possible, either through using my knowledge to maintain my own portfolio or as part of my university’s Trading Challenge. As the Team Leader for this challenge, I was especially proud that my team achieved 3rd place in the long term component (4 weeks of investment) and won the short term component (buying and selling different securities over 2 hours).

Alongside these practical explorations of economic models, my interests in the subject have always been fostered by extensive reading. From reading the German economic magazine Wirtschafswoche on my daily commute during school to staying up to date with current affairs through The Financial Times and The Economist, my passion for the subject has always been driven my its obvious relevance. Reading academic works on the stock market, investment and risk management in my spare time, and attending seminars from leading figures such as Jim Rogers, has only made me more determined to gain more knowledge.

Having put it all on the line to alter my life course to pursue my interests, I would suggest that I am more aware of the rewards and consequences of risk than many students. My fascination with the way in which Economics and Finance attempt to understand this notion of risk is what drives continued study in the field. The chance to enhance my knowledge through studying at such a prestigious institution is the next crucial step in a plan I am now following with renewed rigour and focus: gaining a strong MSc and CFA level 1 and 2 qualifications and transforming my intellectual interests, aptitude and commitment from a hobby to a rewarding career.

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