Economics and Finance Personal Statement

Sample Economics and Finance Personal Statement

My ambition to study for a degree in economics and finance has arisen largely out of my family circumstances. My parents run a large corporation, MGT Group, which has been in existence for the past 24 years and employs over 2000 people. It is an international firm which works with the United Nations and the U.S.Army, supporting missions and organising relief services, and extends its aid to all those who are victims of man-made or natural catastrophes. I have been brought up surrounded by questions of finance, economic patterns and business management. I have long been aware of the global economy and the way that economic activity in one part of the world can affect events in other parts. It is likely in the future that I shall be the CEO of the company and I am very much aware of the need to have a sound training in business management and financial matters if I am to do the company justice. I believe strongly that in an increasingly international world a knowledge of global economic issues is of the highest importance. I am therefore keen to study financial resource management, and develop my ability to analyse financial data and evaluate financial risk and make decisions. I am also interested in market analysis and the way markets operate, and I should like to study the ways that an organisation can increase its productivity. Armed with a first degree in the subject from a first-rate university, I should like to go on to complete a Master’s and then spend some time working with the UN before returning to MGT, where I would hope to spend the rest of my career.

The role of the company is the relief of hardship and suffering, and I have already received a good training in the way such services can be delivered, as well a sobering insight into the urgency of the need for such work. From my earliest childhood my parents have taken me to places in India where there are underprivileged and handicapped people in need of support. We run a voluntary school for 500 children in India and I make an annual visit to talk to parents and discuss their problems. I undertook a work placement there in 2009, where I taught children team games, took English classes and made them aware of the basics of civilised life, such as hygiene and table manners. In 2010 I gained work experience with Awake, an Indian government organisation for the destitute, and later for another charitable foundation, Make a Wish, which seeks to enrich the lives of terminally ill children. As well as these activities directly related to the activities of our family company, I have also worked in our own organisation on administrative duties, and spent time as an intern on the leading newspaper in Dubai, the Khaleej Times, accompanying journalists and learning how a paper works, as well as writing two articles on troubled teens. In July of this year I joined a leadership training course in Switzerland, and worked for DynaCorp International, a support organisation for the US army, where I did courses for training and recruitment of personnel to work in Afghanistan.

I believe that these work experiences are clear evidence of my commitment to my chosen career. I have several languages, my mother tongue, Hindi, and fluent French and English, together with some Arabic – a great asset in a world of international business. I am a keen sportsman, playing cricket, table tennis and soccer at club level. One of my relaxation activities is playing the drums, in which I have reached Grade 4 so far.

I am realistic in my view of the world and its needs and, perhaps because I am the child of prosperous parents, I feel very strongly the importance of reaching out and giving to those less fortunate than ourselves. The efficiency of our business means the increasing range of our charitable work, and a degree in the field of economics and finance is the best qualification for me if I am to continue the success of our firm. I hope you will consider my application.

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