Earth Science Personal Statement

Sample Earth Science Personal Statement

My interest in Geology was first sparked by a geography excursion to Middle Skane, where I was fascinated by the impact of the ice ages on the landscape of the Romelehorst and surrounding eskers. An intense conversation with an experienced petroleum engineer about the uncertain future of our planet due to the destructive lifestyles of the human race later confirmed that I want to dedicate my life to Geosciences. It is fundamentally important that we tackle global warming and work towards becoming a more sustainable species.

I have always possessed a natural affinity for science and have been intellectually challenged by inspirational PhD level teachers. I graduated from school with honours for outstanding grades and received a scholarship for my final project, a Biology investigation into the role of yoghurt bacteria on our digestive system. My excellent results meant that I was selected to represent my school in the Berzelius-event at Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). There, numerous university Professors held seminars about issues at the forefront of Physical Chemistry and Bioengineering, such as biomimetic ways of artificial photosynthesis. A Geology degree will enable me to combine my comprehensive scientific knowledge, ranging from Material Sciences which I have learnt in Physics, to molecular genetics and ecosystems which I have studied in Biology. My ability to formulate complex mathematical calculations complements these other disciplines and will help me succeed at bachelor level and beyond. My love of science inspired me to move abroad and study courses in Health, Disease and the Theory of Science at Syddansk University.

I keep up to date with current scientific phenomenon in these areas and the ways they interlink in Geology by assiduously reading journals such as ‘National Geographic’ and ‘Scientific American’. Last year the latter published their research on possible Antarctic drilling, a controversial area which I found fascinating. Although most scientists agree about the potential harm these drillings could cause, further inquiries will inevitably take place as society’s reluctance to deal with global warming may necessitate it. I believe we should utilize all possible natural resources wisely, not taking into account empty, uninvestigated warning signals. I want to be a part of this research, working with engineers to develop more environmental ways to extract petrol from the earth with minimal damage to our ecosystems, ultimately avoiding disasters such as the Deepwater Horizon spill.

Following school, I spent a year serving in the Air Force as a platoon-leader, later becoming a Sergeant. This greatly enhanced my teamwork and leadership skills, taught me discipline and enabled me to cope with high-pressure situations. I have developed excellent communication skills through volunteer work at Odense Hospital, where I provided basic patient care in co-operation with medical staff. This deepened my understanding of the crucial link between science and healthcare, confirming my desire to pursue a scientific career. My English language skills improved by reading various works from English literature and working part-time at Next and Tie-Rack; the latter involved meetings with Sales Executives and interacting with a diverse range of customers. I also speak native Swedish and Arabic, intermediate Danish and basic Spanish, which will enable me to take advantage of the global opportunities in the field of earth sciences.

When not studying I spend time at the fitness centre – swimming, cardio training or playing handball. I am committed to my diet and workout schedule and apply the same approach to my studies. I have a very positive outlook on life and value education and experience. This attitude, coupled with my experience and natural academic ability will inspire me to give my full commitment to the course, in order to fulfil my ambition of a successful career in geology and engineering.

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