Dentistry Personal Statement

Sample Dentistry Personal Statement

In all my career plans the need to help others is the leading factor. I believe that the dentist’s role in improving people’s lives is its most valuable aspect, and its most rewarding, both personally and professionally.

When I visited Bangladesh two years ago I was shocked and moved when I saw how people were forced to cope without dental care. I am also very much aware of the way the NHS has retreated from the universal provision of dental care and of the effect of financial circumstances on those who cannot afford private treatment. My hope is that I can ultimately offer a high quality dental service to the public, which is as efficient as that provided in the private sector, and which could be available to everyone.

But another factor in my interest in dentistry is my love for technology, which I believe can be brought increasingly into the service of dental treatment. The dental surgery should be a place where patients can be treated rapidly, efficiently and in a way which inspires confidence and leaves them feeling satisfied and comfortable. I believe too that it is essential to cultivate interpersonal relationships with patients and to respond with the utmost sympathy to those who are anxious about dental treatment. My interest in business methods also figures here. I hope to open my own practice and run it on the most positive modern lines. I see the job as creative, technically inventive, responsible, humane and ultimately very satisfying.

I have undertaken several work placements connected with my ambitions. I worked for a while in a pharmacy where I learnt much about the prescription process and about the effectiveness of certain drugs, and the information and experience I gained here was very useful. This summer I visited the Cardiff Dentistry School where I observed strongly motivated students working towards their goals. It was interesting to see the transformation of classroom theory into practice as they dealt with individual patients. Sometimes, it was clear, the treatment theory did not work or was inappropriate, and it was clear that much of the dentist’s expertise comes from experience and creative thinking. I also spent a week at a dental practice, watching crowns being fitted and even witnessing astonishing root canal work being carried out. I saw here how young patients need to be treated with particular sensitivity to allay their fears. I spent three weeks at an orthodontic clinic in Newport, learning how braces are made and fitted, which inspired me to consider this sort of work alongside conventional dentistry in my future career. I am planning a placement soon with a dental technicians’ clinic.

At school I was a prefect, which gave me some good experience in problem solving and leading others. I coach youngsters from all sorts of backgrounds in weekly badminton classes. My artistic skills came into play when I was appointed graphic designer and organizer for a youth charity, and for two years I have been able to raise large sums of money for the fund. Earlier I won a bronze medal In the UK intermediate Mathematical Challenge, and as I humbly received the medal I was first of all eager to teach others, which inspired me to hold fortnightly classes for younger pupils to help them to share the pleasures of the subject I enjoyed so much.

I am bilingual, with two mother tongues, English and Bengali, and I have GCSE Welsh. My academic record is strong and I am very confident of my ability to succeed on the long and complex dentistry course. I hope that ultimately I shall be able to open a dental practice in a location where the service is poor or difficult of access, so that my dental surgery could become the hub of new and modern medical services. I am a motivated individual, eager to learn and to confront new challenges, and full of determination to achieve my goals. I hope you will consider my application.

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