Dentistry Personal Statement

Sample Dentistry Personal Statement

My personal motivation to enter a career in dentistry comes from the essence of the work. It requires technical, diagnostic and surgical skills I believe I can emulate, through a combination of my aptitudes, interests, knowledge and experience.

Studying Chemistry and Biology at A level has offered an excellent foundation for the biochemistry I would learn during the course. Practical work during lessons, particularly dissections in Biology, has honed manual dexterity. Maths has developed my ability to observe logical steps; useful in diagnosis and creating treatment plans. Growing up in a multilingual family made me keen to study German, which has helped me learn to get along with many different people and will help me communicate with patients.

My interest in Dentistry was furthered through extensive work experience. I spent one week shadowing post- and undergraduate students at a well known and respected university’s dental hospital. In the paedodontic clinic, the importance of patience and good communication in reassuring distressed children and their parents was apparent. I discovered that explaining different stages of treatment reduces patient anxiety and am passionate about achieving the relationship that these dentists built with their patients. I spent 3 weeks in 2 general practices, where I shadowed qualified dentists and dental hygienists and learnt that responsibility and teamwork are imperative for efficient, successful treatment. I also observed complex surgical and prevention procedures to see the day-to-day challenges dentists face. I completed 2 weeks in general practices in Egypt and Belgium. This gave me an appreciation of the level of dental care in the UK and led me to undertake the EPQ, where I independently researched and compared efficiency and variation between healthcare systems.

I have been volunteering at Kirkwood Hospice over the last year, helping terminally ill patients. This rewarding experience has improved my communication skills and made me a more empathetic and a mentally stronger individual. As a First Aider for St John’s ambulance, I have learnt to assume responsibility and react well to new situations, while also gaining skills required in a medical emergency.

have always had an interest in art, particularly drawing, and have built up a strong portfolio; honing my sense of precision and a steady hand. I am a blue belt in Judo, enabling me to react instinctively to unpredictable situations, all skills which will prove useful in dentistry. I have been a part of the school rugby team for 7 years, developing teamwork skills and a positive mental attitude. I am a Senior Prefect, requiring responsibility and commitment, and am in the process of completing the Duke of Edinburgh Gold award, which is also furthering my leadership and teamwork skills.

Dentistry is a fascinating career to which I believe I am ideally suited, due to my strong academic and artistic abilities, diverse work experience and extracurricular activities. My enthusiasm and determination to succeed will also ensure I am an asset throughout undergraduate study and into my career beyond.

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