Dentistry Personal Statement

Sample Dentistry Personal Statement

I believe dentistry is the right career path for me because I genuinely believe in a profession which allows me to improve the quality of people’s lives and give something back to the community. I believe I would succeed in such a demanding profession because of my compassionate nature, thirst for knowledge and genuine interest in the human anatomy.

I grew up in a family where tooth decay and restoration work was common due to poor oral care. This combined with a few of my own personal experiences, ignited my interest into becoming a dentist. But I needed to carry out work experience to have an insight of how life would be as a dentist. During my work experience, I spent 2 weeks at a general practice and 2 weeks at a private practice. This gave me an insight into how the two types of dental practices operate and understanding the pressure of working within a busy NHS practice. I was given opportunities to question patients about their problems and gained some valuable experience with interacting with patients. I also saw how the patient-dentist’s relationship is a special relationship built on trust and confidentiality. It also allowed me to see how dentists get to know the patients on a more personal level. I also observed the nurses and dental hygienists; this helped me to see how the dental team worked as a whole and it gave me a better appreciation for the role of the dentist, both as a clinician and as a team leader.

I organised work experience at an orthodontic practice, one day a week for the past 4 months. I felt it necessary for me to gain work experience in an area of dentistry that I found interesting. I not only observed the orthodontist carry out treatments but helped in making the alginate mixture for impressions. However this was not enough for me, I wanted to help out in my local community and have carried out over 75 hours of voluntary service at St Gemma’s hospice, Oxfam and Age UK. Also I have done voluntary work in a school; I have worked closely with children, so I have experience in handling them, a skill which would be essential in this profession. Having done this I gained experience in interpersonal skills. In the past year my grandad had become sick due to stroke so I have been taking care of him. This has been a rewarding experience.

Being on a gap year will give me an opportunity to be in a different environment to school. I will constantly be meeting new people thus improving my interpersonal and teamwork skills. I have also been searching for a job which has required organization and time management skills. I hope my reapplication this year proves that I am serious and determined about doing dentistry. Determination to succeed is a quality I believe that is fundamental to becoming a successful dentist.

Art was a subject I thoroughly enjoyed at GCSE and I now realise that my work would help me to demonstrate and develop my manual dexterity. More recently, I have invested in large model cars that I have made during the summer.

Being able to work successfully in a team is another quality I believe that I possess and can be seen through my extra-curricular activities. I was in the school Rugby team, the first XI hockey team and the basketball team. This required discipline and impeccable time management skills since I had to balance school work and training. In hockey I received an award for most improved player of the year 2009/2010. Furthermore, I organise and play five a side football with friends every Thursday. I have been a patrol leader in Scouts where I was responsible for a group of 8 people including myself. In Scout’s I learned to be Independent, responsible and organized. I have also completed my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award as well as the Chiefs scouts Gold. In both cases, I assumed responsibility for the purchase and distribution of the food showing leadership.

To sum up, I feel that I would be an asset to the profession because I feel that my empathetic, determined and enthusiastic nature would help me at succeeding in becoming a great dentist.

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