Dentistry Personal Statement 2

Sample Dentistry Personal Statement

Before I was born my aunt died from infection following dental surgery and, as a result, my parents have, perhaps understandably, tended to avoid the dentist. Consequently, I have been driven by my desire to become the sort of dentist that can successfully encourage reluctant patients to seek essential treatment. Despite personal difficulties that have required temporary deviation from this path, I remain confident that dentistry offers a unique opportunity to combine my interest in greatly improving people’s quality of life and my aptitude for scientific and biologically related study.

After achieving high grades throughout my schooling, I completed 3 semesters and 23 modules of a Doctor of Dentistry degree, including: Dental Anatomy, a Pre-clinical Course in Operative Dentistry, and modules in general medicine. Unfortunately, I suffered an unsuccessful pregnancy before I could complete the course, which, in turn, led to the breakdown of my marriage. These circumstances regretfully required that I make substantial changes to my life, including a move to the UK. Thankfully, my subsequent experience of studying and living here has helped overcome the challenges that studying dentistry in my non-native country could have presented. Having completed multiple IELTS courses, I went on to complete a degree in Business Management and Finance. In addition to proving my ability to undertake undergraduate study in the English language and honing transferable study skills, such as time management, writing, reading and presentation skills, this course also taught me about the use of statistics and finance within a business context, which will bear fruit once I go into practice. Despite all the things this course gave me, I felt slightly disappointed with my final performance, gaining Lower Second Class Honours. I can see now that this was due to attempting to pursue a path that did not correspond with the original goals and passions that I had pursued. Having made the decision that the time is right to return to my original path, all this experience, coupled with my passion for the field, will aid me in returning to the high standards of achievement that I set myself in earlier academic endeavours.

My previous experience of studying dentistry also offered an opportunity to gain hands-on experience within the field. As a Dental Assistant, I have undertake many of the basic practical tasks associated with the role, including preparing dental materials, taking and developing x-rays, performing laboratory procedures, using the four-handed assisting technique, and maintaining equipment. Continuing study with this practical experience under my belt means that I will be able to connect the theoretical and practical aspects. In addition to experience in the field, I have also held a number of employment positions, including administrative, sales and managerial positions. Each of these experiences has offered the opportunity to hone interpersonal and business skills that are also useful in the practice of dentistry, while requiring an ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure that will benefit me throughout study and into my career beyond.

I always try and keep up with changes in the field. I have a particular interest in implantology and try and read as many articles as I can on this subject. I have keen interest in health and fitness and have been performing with gymnastic and dance teams for 20 years, winning multiple national and international championships.

Having demonstrated the passion and ability to perform to a high standard, both within the study and practice of dentistry, I believe that I have shown the potential to become an excellent dentist. Despite personal hardships, I have also shown a continued ambition and drive that ensured that, even when I have been forced to deviate from this primary course, I have worked hard to continuing gaining relevant knowledge and experience that will ultimately prove useful in my chosen career.

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