Dentistry Personal Statement

Sample Dentistry Personal Statement

The dental hygienist is as essential as the dentist to prevent patients’ tooth decay and gum disease and the suffering they entail. The disastrous effects of a shortage of dental professionals can be seen in my native Iran, where the importance of dental health was first impressed upon me, when I worked as a receptionist in my uncle’s dental surgery some years ago. I always wanted an occupation devoted to helping alleviate people’s suffering, and the work in the surgery helped me to decide that I wish to become a dental hygienist, performing a range of dental work for patients while teaching and advising them on how to maintain dental hygiene.

With that aim in mind, I wish to study Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy to gain the requisite qualifications to fulfil my ambition. In pursuance of this goal, I made the difficult decision to come with my husband to the UK and pursue my studies here, where there is world-class training in dental health. On arrival in the UK my first challenge before scientific study was the English language, which I mastered quickly, studying GCSE English intensively for two years at Richmond College. On the recommendation of my English teachers, who saw my ambition and potential, I took Level 2 Health and Science at Lambeth College, completing the course with great success.

At the same time, despite my time-consuming commitments to my family and my studies, I made time to volunteer weekly at a dental surgery to learn about the day-to-day reality of my chosen profession. A year’s experience of the inspirational and tireless work of dental hygienists strengthened my ambition. I closely involved myself in the work, greatly improving my organisational skills and ability to work as part of a team in the process, which should stand me in good stead for the part of the degree in a clinical setting, seeing as the hygienist has to juggle patient care with many other dental office management duties.

To fully prepare myself for the theoretical side of the degree, I am currently studying Level 3 Access to Science at Haringey Enfield and North East London College, taking Biology and Chemistry as well as Mathematics and Physics, in which I already have a strong grounding from my A-Level-equivalent studies in Iran. The practical side of the course is the most enjoyable part so far as it is great preparation for the application of theory in the clinical practice part of the degree.

Outside of the classroom, my commitment is to my family. I love to spend time caring for my young daughter with my husband. Motherhood has increased immeasurably my compassion and ability to care and these are essential personal qualities of a dental professional, as was evident to me from shadowing dental hygienists.

With my daughter, I love to shop while with the whole family, I enjoy watching Hollywood movies and swimming and walking in the park. I hope at university to find other committed student parents with whom I may organise sport and social events and play-dates for the children. For, despite my dedication to my family, I wish to mix with many different people at university to expand my circle of friends and learn about many different cultures and teach others about mine.

I have needed much confidence and enthusiasm to overcome the challenges of leaving my country and coming to the UK with little English to fulfil my ambition. I hope at university that I shall be able to instil some of that fiery determination into other students by volunteering at the counselling or disabilities department.

For, by immersing myself deep into university life, I hope I shall become an even better communicator and even more compassionate carer at university. So I may develop further the personal qualities of a dental hygienist as well as gaining the requisite theoretical and practical knowledge to become a qualified dental professional working in an NHS dental surgery, where anyone, independent of means, can receive the benefit of my care and advice.

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